How To Get Rid Of Negativity: 8 Effective Ways To Fight Negativity

"Maturity starts when drama ends."

Being sensitive and often driven by your emotions and thoughts is something I got to deal with everyday in my life, it's hard! But at the same time, it's something you got to accept and learn how to live with, below are some ways to fight negativity:

1- Keep yourself motivated:

Remind yourself every morning, to step out of your comfort zone and to see the good about every situation. See the challenges and the problems as an opportunity to grow up even strong and wiser. See your mistakes as lessons to get even better.

2- Love yourself enough to walk away from negativity: 

Love yourself with all your imperfections because that's what makes you different, that's what makes you unique and that's your value and worth is all about, your individuality! and love yourself enough to walk away from negative people, because you become like the 5 people you spend your most of time with, so choose wisely whom you surround yourself with.

3- Keep yourself busy: 

Forget about these negative thoughts in your head by keeping yourself busy, work on your dreams, do something you love or communicate with people but don't settle for these thoughts to get wild in your head.

4- Give up complaining: 

First you got to understand that this world doesn't owe you anything, this life is 100% your responsibility and if you want something, then you'd better go out there and make it happen, I used to think that my parents have to buy me everything and give me the life I wanted, but this is not true, I'm the one who's going to work on my dreams and now I'm grateful for everything and happy that I got the chance to do it by myself because it feels much better when you work and succeed! so give up complaining and be thankful, just keep it in your mind "no one owes you anything".

5- Write it down: 

When you're upset or sad dump your mind, write down all these negative thoughts, because when you write it, it gets off your head for real, that would comfort you and make you understand what was all that sadness for.

6- Be grateful: 

Whenever you feel bad about yourself and your life, consider that there are a lot of people out there facing what's even worse than what you're facing, that way you'll feel how blessed you are to be you and to live your life.

7- Let it go: 

When you get the idea that you will die, what would really matter to you, would others' opinion matter! would this anger, this hate, these problems matter!! I guess no! so don't get too attached to this life, let go the past and live on a purpose, know your priorities, you don't want to waste your life living on others' expectations!

8- Start again each time you fail:

Do it again and again, when you decide to change, you'll probably fail and fail hard, don't mind it, do it again and again until you no longer have to think about it. All that it takes is practicing, we try and fail and try again and that's the fun of it, don't hold yourself back and don't lose faith, you can do it all, but you need to get used on it first!

Mainly you shouldn't give much care to your thoughts and feelings, let them come and go by themselves, because the more you thought about it, the more it will grow inside of you, so just let go and get busy, focus on actions, sometimes it doesn't matter how you feel but what you do does! so if you're being in a sad mood, go out and socialize even if you don't feel like it, you'll change your mind when you do it!

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