7 Insider Habits of Truly Successful People: How To Make Your Dreams a Reality

by - July 19, 2015

What comes easy won't last, what lasts won't come easy, success is deserved, with all the hours you've spent, the work you did, it's never had been easy, people are telling their success stories and not their struggles until they made it, you wouldn't know about the nights they stayed up late, you wouldn't know about the times they got rejected, you wouldn't know about the times they felt like giving up, hopeless, but they stayed though and kept working. 

1- Find out your passion: 

People often talk about passion and doing something you love, they write articles and give speeches about it, I used to wonder about my passion what would it be, I used to wonder about this great thing that I will spend the rest of my life doing, I used to think that everyone has his own passion except me, and I would take anything and called my passion, but after a while I found it, it was blogging, so if you still don't have that passion don't worry, you'll find it in the right time.

2- Give up negativity: 

Limits, fears, excuses are nothing but an illusion, lies you keep telling yourself so you'll feel comfortable about your laziness.
People like to stay in their comfort zone, they like peace and rest, this is the majority, but you weren't meant to be like the majority, you're different! so don't strive for comfort, fall in love with the uncomfortable feeling, that's what will make your dreams a reality, and no matter what, don't ever go back to that comfort zone, be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.
Life is so ironic, you need to fail before you succeed, unless it won't be called success, you need to feel the sadness before you get happy, unless you won't feel the difference! 

3- Deal with the problem: 

No matter how complex, deep and big the problem is, never run away from it, hide from it or ignore it; stop complaining, do something about it and that's how you build an attitude of a problem solver, now when you become a problem solver you'll have a better value, because there's going to be an experience behind solving it, an ability that you have never had before, only on the other side of the problem, so deal with it without anger, frustration, hurt or complain and the sooner you deal with problem the sooner you can overcome it! and remember there's no problem without a solution.

4- Face it: 

You might be excited with that goal but you're afraid of a part of it, that's what make you taking a lot of time to make that goal, this part you need to face it, deal with that fear even if you're scared to death, do it anyway!  I think fear is what have been holding me all this time, holding me from loving my partner, holding me from taking actions on my dream and holding me from stepping toward my goals, all these great things i've planned and decided to do and then failed, it was just because I was afraid, since it wouldn't be called fail until you give up.

5- Put in the effort: 

You wishing for it to happen you're seeing it, but you don't put in the effort, you got to know that your dreams will stay dreams if you're not going to work hard to make it true, just begin and do your best figure that out then visualize the process and take the action, no matter how hard it's going to be, or how long it's going to take! time is passing anyway, and a year from now you'll wish you had started today. If you want the success then you have to make the sacrifice, the sacrifice of your comfort zone.

6- Don't do it for the money: 

Even if there were a good opportunities out there to give up doing what love don't care about it, because not every good opportunity was made for you, you were born to do what you love and that's what you got to do, it should never be about money!

7- Believe in yourself: 

To be creative, you need first to believe in yourself, because nothing can kill creativity as much as self-doubt does, give up fearing failure, worrying about it won't make succeed, rather give it a try, because when you hold yourself back there will be 0% that you will make it but when you try there will be 100% possibility that you succeed. Do it whether people are going to like it or not. Anyway others won't think the same way you do, while you won't take anything less than working on your own and achieving your dreams, the rest of them are fine with working for others and let their dreams remain only dreams, if they even existed!

If you want success, then make a commitment to work hard every single day on your dream, start with making some habits, and find the motivation to stay on those habits, because good habits are hard to keep on it, when you feel like you're not in mood to do it, keep in mind that your future self will thank you for doing it, and imagine that great feeling you'll have after doing something good! that will make it much easier on you!

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