A Note To My Dear Self

It's really hard to feel your value and worthiness when others keep criticizing you for not quite meeting their standards, but no matter what they say, this can’t change the fact that we’re unique and we don’t have to meet any standards.

I was once with my little brother on the beach helping him collect some shells, he asked me to only pick the beautiful ones, I asked: “how do you know if it’s a beautiful shell? What does it make it beautiful?” He said: “The special ones. The ones that there’s not a lot of”. It was only then that I knew what does it mean to be beautiful, and it was definitely nothing like society’s standards, for it was in being special. If you’re special, then you’re beautiful.

Beauty has more to do with your confidence than anything else; wear whatever you like, but wear it with confidence, keep your head high and go out.

I know that it will be most convenient if one could win people over, but that simply can’t happen, even if you got to make ten people approve of you, there will always be an eleventh who won’t, which is alright; if someone approve of you or not, that can’t possibly make you any less or more worthy. You’re worthy for the simple reason that you’re alive and you exist, once you believe this, no one can ever make you feel any less important.

So stop pleasing people, life is short as it is for you to wasted living it for someone else. It is said that we’re buying things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like and often we don’t know.

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