A Quick Note To My Dear Self

You’re whole and complete. You don’t need someone else to complete you. Anything you need, you got to do it by yourself. You got to accept yourself before others can accept you. You got to know and believe that you’re more than your achievements or appearances. You’re a whole new person with every day, every thought, and every breath. You have absolutely no limits, except for the ones you set for yourself.

Your purpose in this life isn’t to get the most neither it is to be the best. Your purpose is to give the most, to help as much as you can and to leave this world a better place so you can say that “I lived”, that you left something to be remembered for.

Life isn’t fair and life is a pain, still, it can be enjoyed. There will always be time to worry and stress out, but never enough time to be happy. So laugh it off, read a good book, do something you love, love someone... Just live it up.

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