7 Life-Changing Truths Most People Forget

As human beings, we’re bound to forget. But that doesn’t make it an excuse for you not to learn. One can’t stop learning about life and about himself. And those lessons he learned, he got to keep reminding himself of every now and then. Below are some obvious, yet forgotten lessons that can improve the quality of your life:
1- Don't forget to live:
In the rush of life, some people forget to live! People are rushing every day to their jobs, exhausted right from the beginning of their day, waiting for the day to end so they can go back homes. what would it hurt if you only slowed down, walked a little, enjoyed the sun and the fresh morning air, smiled to each other and dwelled on happy thoughts? life is happening now, not after work or when you get home, or when you're on a vacation...

2- Happiness is an inside job:
You may think that you need to accomplish something, or to own something to feel satisfied, but this is not true, it's not about doing or owning, it's about being grateful and feeling satisfied without doing or owning. Happiness is an inside job that has nothing to do with what's happening outside.

3- Complaining is useless:
No one owes you anything. What you want, you have to do it by yourself. Imagine living with your parents and coming home for lunch only to find nothing to eat, you’ll probably complain about it and blame your mother for it. Now, imagine living alone and you go back home and find nothing to eat, who are you going to blame then? If something is provided for you, that doesn’t make it a full right, you got to be thankful and show gratitude. And when it isn’t provided for you, you got to provide it for yourself.

4- Your thoughts become your reality:
Because your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind, what you're constantly thinking about will manifest on the outside. So, make sure your attitude and your thoughts are positive and powerful enough to get you to live the life you want to live.

5- Time heals all wounds:

No matter how much grief you’re harboring in your heart, you won’t be always feeling the same way. Things will get better eventually, maybe not right now, maybe not right away, but someday, you’ll wake up and you won’t be feeling as heavy chested as you do right now. Many people get severely depressed because they dramatize their grief, they start to dwell on their loss, insist that they have nothing left for them to live for and complain about the world being unfair and so cruel to them.
I’m not telling you not to grief, if anything, we need to release those negative feelings because suppressing it can only cause health problems as well as holding you from healing properly, but you need to grief bearing in mind the certain fact that things will get better and you’ll be happy again.

6- Most of the time what you are looking for is right in front of you:

This has a deeper meaning than the one that might pop into your mind when you first read the lesson. People are knocking doors from the inside, they're looking for what’s within them and what’s right in front of them. People are seeking happiness in the wrong places, they’re looking for it in buying new things and getting into relationships, while it was right within them all the time. Happiness is too simple, that people won’t believe how simple it is for it is too valuable to them. And there isn’t one way to happiness, there’s a lot in fact. For instance, one can find happiness in gratitude. A thankful thought every now and then, for everything he has and everything he is. Because while you have a life and battles to fight, some people out there are sick and counting down the days until their death. They’re wishing for those battles you’re complaining about.
Not only do happiness is right in front of us, but also self-acceptance. It’s easy for us to seek approval from others, to see how much they love us and care for us instead of self-accepting ourselves. But it isn’t the right way to do so, nor will it ever get you always to feel your worth. You got to accept yourself no matter what others thought of you because no one knows you better than you.
7- Your health is your life:

It’s true that one should live up his life like there’s no tomorrow, but the fact is that there is tomorrow. People nowadays are living up to eighty if not more, and you’re living today the consequences of your yesterday. I’m not telling you to live your todays overcautiously and dully or not to have fun at all and work too hard, but be moderate. Work and have fun, and all the while, consider your health. Someday, you’ll wake up and you won’t feel as energetic as you do now. Start practicing sports from a young age, eat healthy, quit smoking… not just that, but take care of your internal health as well, learn how to manage your stress, fill your days with positivity, don’t get into toxic relationships, surround yourself with friends and family… you’ll be amazed at what difference your internal health can make.

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