10 Things I've Learned From My Relationship This Week

Every relationship needs constant work from both sides! And so in the process you'll find out that you never stop learning about your partner and how to love in many ways, below are some lessons I've learned this week from my relationship:

1- I've learned that when you give your partner, you should not expect anything in return, also don't expect him to like it, because it's totally okay not to have the same taste. But having different tastes shouldn't be an excuse not to help him or not to give him.

2- I've learned that being pretty, doesn't mean that you will be loved. No matter how beautiful, talented, rich you might be, without the love, that wouldn't make a difference. love is something out of your control! and the best thing you can do is to be yourself and let the right one fall in love with you, not for your qualities, but though your imperfections.

3- I've learned that if there's something that needs to be changed, then it's going to be your attitude, I used to complain about the bad things in my partner and in my relationship. I decided that I want to cherish the good and make the most of it then
 I couldn't find something to fight about, not because things changed, but because I changed my attitude, what used to make me upset before doesn't bother me anymore because I'm too busy being grateful for the good things.

4- I've learned that you need always to be positive about your relationship, see how it's amazing to love someone who's loving you right back. Relationships can have thousands of problems, and it's so normal since you get so close and you become so irritated about everything where your partner is concerned, but don't let these tiny things ruin your relationship! it doesn't worth it.

5- I've learned that you should never say no to communication in a relationship, it's always worth it to hear the other part of the story.

6- I've learned that being tired from a relationship, that would never mean that you need another partner, or that you need to break up. Breaking up should be the last thing you think of when nothing left to do! Relationships aren't about not fighting at all, but it's about focusing on what really matters to you.

7- I've learned that you don't need to be perfect, all that you need in a relationship is to be accepted for the way you are! If you love each other, and he's accepting you though your flaws just the same, then he's already perfect for you.

8- I've learned that arguing with loved ones, doesn't worth it! If you ever lost them, all you'll be regretting is the times you didn't tell them how much you love them and miss them while you could.

9- I've learned that love is deeds, but as much as it is feelings. You can tell if someone loves you or not by looking to his deeds, and seeing how willing he is to show you how much he loves you.

10- I've learned that you still can have an imperfect, yet wonderful relationship, if you only let go of all the grudges and insecurities, each time something happens, your partner hurt you (without the intention to do so), and he make it up for you, forgive quickly and forget. 

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