10 Rules of Life You Need to Remind Yourself With Constantly

The rules below might seem obvious and simple, yet not many people are living by them. And while everyone can set his own rules, below are some common ones that will make your life easier and happier.

1. We Get Older But Not Necessarily Wiser.

As you get older, you might expect to get wiser, to make fewer mistakes. Only to find out that, you’re still making mistakes. They might not be the same, but they’re still new ones. The rule here is to accept the fact that you’ll keep making mistakes and not to beat yourself over it. Accept that mistakes are a part of growing up.

2. Accept What Is Done Is Done.

We all make mistakes. If someone behaved badly toward you and it wasn’t deliberate or personal, try to forgive and accept that what is done is done. People can behave naively and foolishly, not because they meant to be horrid, but because they didn’t know any different. Living with feelings of resentment and anger can only hurt you, and you only.

3. Accept Yourself.

Accept yourself exactly as you are with all your weaknesses and flaws. You don’t have to change anything or improve anything to be able to accept yourself. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t strive to become better. But to do it while you’re accepting yourself. 

4. Know What Matters and What Doesn’t.

Being kind and considerate toward other matters, having the latest technology doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re doing, make sure that it matters. That it has a real benefit and adds good value. In other words, focus on what is important to you in your life and make sure that whatever you’re doing is making a positive change in your life and others’. Spending time with your loved one's matters, watching TV, doesn’t. This doesn’t mean to make long-term plans or change the world, it just means that at every given moment, make a choice to do something that matters.

5. Dedicate Your Life to Something.

In order to have an idea about what counts and what doesn’t, you need to have a life purpose as a reference. This is a personal choice, there’s no wrong or right when it comes to dedicating your life to something. You don’t have to figure out exactly what you want to do with your life, just make sure you’re living a decent life, that you’re treating everyone that comes your way respectfully.

6. Be Flexible in Your Thinking.

In order to get the most out of life, you need to keep your mind open to all options. The one who thinks he has all the answers and has it all figured out, is already a part of history. Life is an adventure that’s meant to be explored.

In other words, step outside yourself and go for it. This doesn’t mean to say yes to anything. It just means to stay flexible and to know when to say “yes” as well as when to say “no”.

7. Grow stronger.

Life is difficult, but you should be grateful that it is so. It's only through challenges and setbacks that we grow stronger. If life were all fluffy and easy, you’d soon get bored. They say happiness without sadness has no meaning.

8. Don't just wish you’d done it, do it.

We all have a few regrets in life. Things we wish we’d done and goals we wish we’d achieved. The rule is not to beat yourself up over it, and to take action on it now. In many cases, the things you’d wished you could do might not be out of the question yet. For example, if you wanted to travel before college, or before starting to work, you can still take some days off every now and then and travel.

9. Aim to Be the Very Best at Everything You Do.

Whatever you’re doing, make sure you’re aiming to be the best at it. If you work, make sure you’re doing your very best. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are really the best at what you’re doing. And there’s no definition of what the best is. Just think about what the best is like and do it. If you did your best, then you already succeeded.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Dream.

Plans have to be realistic, dreams don’t. Dream with no limits. Dream as if you have whatever it takes and whatever you’re going to need.

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