8 Things Only People Who Are Truly Happy Understand

What do scientists say about Happiness? 

Happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis. And 85% of the stuff we worry about never actually happens. Below are some things about happiness only those who are truly happy understand:

1- The difference between being happy and unhappy:

There is two kinds of people that are happy in this life and two other kind that is not, the first two happy ones are he who has everything and gives it out to those who are in need, and he who has nothing but he is satisfied.

The other unhappy ones are he who has everything but keep it all to himself and he who has nothing and is complaining about it!

The difference between the happy and the unhappy reveals in the tough time, the happy may get sad, and it's a normal reaction but he'll only be sad for a day or two and then get back to his normal life, but if something bad happens to an unhappy person then he may get depressed. may turn to drugs and may spend a year like that until his entire life gets ruined because of this event, that's the difference between those who have inner peace and those who don't. 

2- Happiness is spending less:

I myself, found out that the more I buy, the less happy I am.

Spend lessbecause the more you spend, the more you'll want, when you spend less and you hold yourself from buying what you desire, you train yourself to control its desires! buying won't make you any happier, it's the opposite! if you think that when you buy that car you'll be happy, then you're wrong, go and buy it then tell me how empty you feel. 

3- Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give:

We rise by lifting others! While many think that helping others is a waste of time and that we need to sacrifice it all for ourselves, those who had experienced volunteer work would tell you that sharing with others actually made them richer, it might sound ironic, but that how things goes. In fact, when you help, you feel your value, a reason for your life, you feel that you made a difference, this satisfaction is a pure happiness you only can feel when you open your heart and share with others.

4- Happiness is a path:

Happiness isn't a goal, isn't a result, happiness is a path, it's a way of living, we shouldn't work for happiness, we should work while we're happy, because if you weren't happy right now, then you won't be happy after.

This happiness isn't an event to happen, it's an attitude, a way of thinking, and we're not supposed to be like 100% happy, there will be some moments of sadness, we'll get tired.. and it's alright, don't deny those moods, accept that life has its ups and downs, and focus on learning and doing your best, don't make happiness as a goal to achieve, make it a habit to live by.

5- Happiness is an inner peace:

Happiness is to have problems, bad moods, stress, and still be happy inside, knowing that it's totally normal to live such situations and that it will come to an end, and also knowing that you're not really in danger, it's a part of life to have problems, and it's through which we grow, we learn and discover which is good! so yeah be happy!!

Be happy that you'll learn something precious. Enjoying your life means to enjoy everything about it, your happy moments and your sad moments and that happens when you realize that some moments of sadness can bring a lot of wisdom, a lot of changes and good decisions.

6- Happiness starts when you stop expecting:

The problem why we're not happy is expecting, we expect things to happen so we'll get happy, we expect things from others, and when we don't find it, we get disappointed, so at the first place, we shouldn't expect anything from anyone, we should not expect happiness from anything. 

7- Happiness is in the heart, not in circumstances.

Being with someone you love, having money, being pretty.. won't make you happier, like drugs, it gives you a sort of happiness for a little bit, then leaves you even sadder than you were before, and the same for all the other things that you think it may make you happier. Being with someone you love can bring you joy, and make you feel the happiest, but not for too long, he's a human being, he won't be there for you all the time, he has his moods, relations.. and when he's not around, ain't no happiness for you to keep you hopeful. Also for money, it can bring you some satisfaction by having what you've wanted, but it will leave you empty, then you'll try to find something else to buy to fill this emptiness and it never ends...

Happiness has nothing to do with people or objects, we often think that when something stressful gets finished, we'll get happy and finally have rest, but the truth is that we get empty, so why to wait for everything to get finished, why not to be happy right now and enjoy every single minute! enjoy everything, life isn't about rest and peace, life is full of challenges, problems, and our mission here is to enjoy everything about it! to see the good in every situation!

50% of your happiness is genetically determined, 40% is controlled by your thoughts, actions and behaviors and only 10% is determined by your circumstances contrary to popular beliefs! circumstances don't play a large role in our happiness level as we might think!

8- Happiness is a state of mind:

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. - Eckhart Tolle

You believe what you tell yourself, if you say I'm happy, then you're happy, if you say I'm miserable then you are, don't fill your head with negativity. You can smile from nothing and you can cry from nothing, you can get the happiest in a while then you turn to be the saddest in a while too; this shows how fake this world is and how your circumstances can barely affect you, not as much as your thoughts can.

We look around for what is already within us, we're knocking doors from its inside, we ask for what we already have. Happiness starts with us, it doesn't start with a job, a relationship or anything else, it would only start with us, once you decide to be happy, you'll be!

We get busy working on our futures as if it was promised that we'll live it! what if we didn't I mean we keep ourselves busy working on our futures and we forget about this moment, our present, why don't we just enjoy this now, why to wait for the future to start living and to be happy, do you really believe that happiness will come with that money or with that success! happiness is an inside job! 

"Happiness is not a state to arrive at, rather, a manner of traveling. - Samuel Johnson"

So practice being happy, practice having positive thoughts, and try to keep yourself busy when you can't handle negativity and bad moods, but don't get into drama.

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