7 Habits You Need To Quit Right Away For A Better Life

Our habits define our lives. If you want a better life, then you need to start practicing better habits. And since your life is already full of habits, good or bad, you won’t be able to add a new good habit unless you give up a bad one in its place. Most importantly, you need to be convinced about the necessity of giving up your bad behavior. You can go over lists and lists of habits people think they’re bad and ought to be given up, and still, you won’t be able to quit it until you see the point from quitting it; what harm it cause you and what good quitting it will bring you.

Below is a list of bad habits that you need to quit today for a better life:

1- Quit complaining: 

It’s normal for you not to be always pleased with everything in your life. Life isn’t fair after all, and we have little control over the things that happen to us. But, before complaining, ask yourself what good complaining would do? Would it change anything at all?

Life is already hard as it is, and your complaining obviously doesn't make it any easier. If anything, complaining steals away from you any chance to enjoy yourself and your life. Life as troublesome as it is, is still enjoyable.

So, try to see things rationally, acknowledge your dissatisfaction about your problems, then ask yourself what can I do to make things better. If you can’t change the situation, view it as inconvenient if you want, but not awful or catastrophic for things can always get worse.

2- Quit seeking everyone’s approval: 

It’s irrational to seek everyone’s approval because no matter how many people you could get their approval, there will always be some others who just won’t approve of you no matter what you did.

The thing is, we think that we need to be approved of if we ever wanted to feel important and worthy, but the truth is worthiness has nothing to do with others’ approval, it has all to do with your beliefs; if you believe that you’re worthy, then you are. And you’re worthy for the simple fact that you’re alive and you exist. So, you might as well quit demanding others’ approval and focus your energy instead on doing the things you love and leading the life of your dreams.

3- Quit expectations:

Expectations are the root of disappointment. You have to quit expecting from people and the world not just because you don’t want to be let down, but mainly because the world doesn’t owe you anything in the first place. The hard truth, is that we need to go after what we want, we need to support ourselves and no one out there is supposed to do that for you, not your parents, not your partner… Unfortunately, one, when things don’t go his way, he starts to blame others because after all, it’s easier than blaming himself. But blaming others, if it makes you feel better momentarily, won’t make you feel better in the long run, won’t make the matter any better and will make you less able to do anything about it, since you’ll be too busy blaming and complaining about the world being unfair for you to try to think rationally and find a solution.

4- Quit dramatizing things:

We often tend to anticipate the worst scripts. We’re constantly obsessing over our problems, and we forget entirely about the blessings and opportunities we have. We simply believe that our lives would’ve been perfect if it was problem-free. Well, the truth is life is troublesome, nevertheless, it still can be enjoyable if you only forgot about your problems, the ones that you can’t do anything about but accept.

5- Quit letting your fear hold you from your dreams:

You're allowed to be afraid, but you're never allowed to let it be an excuse not to take action on your dreams. Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. Being afraid, is not something you should feel ashamed of, but making it an excuse, that's the shame. Still, don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s quite normal for anyone to feel afraid and want to back up. It takes practice, you take the risk, step by step and then you can see yourself that you’re capable of more than you give yourself credit for.

What needs to be done today, never put it off till tomorrow, because the more you put it off, you scarier and harder it’ll seem to you. So, get started and take it from there. You won’t know how ready and capable you are until you do it.

6- Quit trying to avoid change:

Comfort, that’s what we’re seeking. And change definitely doesn’t appear as a source of comfort, if anything, change can be quite dreadful as it means that we’ll have to quit the routine and be faced with unknown.

Though change isn’t something we like, it’s sometimes what we need. Great things don’t come from comfort zone, so, if you’re after greatness, you’ll have to be willing to change.

7- Quit criticizing others:

It obviously won’t do you any good. Or maybe you might think that it gives you some satisfaction to know that others have their quirks too. Criticizing others will not only hold you from enjoying your life, but also can hold you from growth. You’ll be too occupied with others’ flaws to see your own, thus to do something about them.

Most importantly, you need to understand that everyone is free to do whatever he won’t. I know that it would’ve been pleasant if they acted better, but why should they?

Whenever you wanted to change a bad habit think first of replacing it with a good one, that's how you make sure you succeed in giving up a bad habit. Because your life is already full of habits whether it was good or bad ones, you can't add another one, unless you make a place for it!

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