7 Fundamental Rules You Need to Follow to Become Successful

Successful people are not necessarily smarter than the rest, they’re just people who learned and applied the principles of success and if they can do it, then so you can. Below is a list of success rules you need to learn and apply if you want great success:

1. Whatever you put in, you get out

The harder you work, the more it’ll pay off. What makes some people stand out from the average ones is working hard even if they’re not going to be paid any extra or their work won’t be recognized by their subordinates. This extra effort will pay off in the long run, they become more efficient and opportunities will open up for them.

2. Worthwhile achievements require hard work

Hard work makes you stand out from the others and brings you to the attention of your superiors, this will open up doors of opportunity for you. Every hour you spend over the average working hours, either on your job or on yourself, improving your skills and your knowledge, is an investment in your success. Hard work in itself isn’t enough, you need to be working had on high-value activities toward the accomplishment of a meaningful goal.

3. The more limited time you have to get things done the more efficient you become

This is what is called forced efficiency when you have lots of things to do and you set for yourself a deadline, you most probably will start off with the important tasks. Usually, those tasks are the most vital to your success. As you become more successful, you’ll have more things to do and less time to get them done, so learning the skill of starting off with the most important tasks is inevitable if you want great success. Always have a list of things you need to get done then stop and think before you begin. Be sure that you make the best of your time and start with the highest value tasks.

4. Every great success is preceded by a decision and a commitment

Successful people have the ability to be decisive in everything they do, this ability is the most important skill in success. People, often, won’t take a decision because of fear of making mistakes. What those people don’t know is that every mistake can be rightened and that what you learn from those mistakes is better than not making any mistake. In the end, it’s not about making the right decisions, it’s about making your decisions right by accepting feedback and self-correcting.

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."

-- Conrad Hilton

5. Every advance begins with an idea

A great rule to success is to think creatively and do something new and different from what you have been doing before and this applies to all areas of your life by always looking for better ways to do the things you do. Practice mindstorming to generate ideas to solve any problem or to set any goal. Write the problem or the goal as a form of a question, then give a list of answers to that question in the present tense as if you’re already doing them. Select at least one idea and take action on it immediately.

6. Be clear about the goal but flexible about the process

After setting a goal and making a plan to achieve that goal, things might change around you and you need to flexible enough to keep up with that change. This need to change you can feel it whenever you find yourself trying too hard but getting few results, this means that you need to change your ways.

7. Your ability to persist will determine how great your success will be

“Success is a road under construction”, so expect to be faced constantly with challenges, setbacks, and disappointments. Persisting in spite of them and not quitting, is what will make you different from the rest and what will push you toward success. Nothing can build a character like a challenge. Resolve that matter how hard it gets, you’ll never give up.

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