A Woman Is Worth More Than You Think

Often when we hear strength we mean men and we see the weakness in women, well from the outside and physically that might be true, but does strength means the physical !! now let's have a deeper look, women can hold so much pain, they bring kids and they hold periods pain, but when a men get a small injury they crush down, women have a stronger personality to stand in front of life's problems and often they can live alone, while men can't.

A woman needs to work, even if she doesn't need money, work will remind her that she's good at something, so that she'll feel a little spice of her own value and importance, she needs it so that she'll give her daughter an example that a woman can be something else than someone's wife, she needs to have a job that when she's divorced, she already has her own life. 

"The woman is the half of the society, but since she rises the other half, then she's the entire society"

So why to be ashamed of being a woman! hold your head up, you're a treasure, in this life, we don't need physical strength, our battle isn't with people, but with hard moments!

Now this is for those who underestimate women and call them weak, even so no one is complete, we're a half and we need the other half to complete us, we need each other, and this is not something to be ashamed of, what you should be ashamed of is when you think that women are weak! 

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