Take others' opinion lightly, very lightly.

Take others' opinion lightly, very lightly.

Just focus on doing your best, feel free to express yourself and do what you want to do with passion, don't think of pleasing people, you can never please them, just be yourself, and right people would fall for you.

Be kinder, be good when people are bad with you, and that's the right way to deal with them.

Others opinion doesn't matter, they don't know you. You can't take in consideration an opinion from someone who is ignorant about your situation! no one knows you better than you, and no matter how close to you some people are, they still don't know much about you, therefore it's stupid to give it much importance. Those who are judging from appearances are not worth to be listened to.

You're not here to please anyone but yourself, if there's someone that worth satisfying, then it should be you. Do what you like, wear what you like to wear and be who you like to be, you can't please everyone, so when you please someone make sure that he's worth it, and you can't find anyone worthier than yourself.

Make sure that no one can get to make you doubt yourself and give up on what you believe in, no matter who he was, don't let them make you feel guilty for living the way you wanted and for being the way you wanted to be, no one can judge you, remember that and don't give that right to anyone.

Others opinion won't do you any harm or any good, and you have to understand that the world isn't focused on you the way you think, they also have their own insecurities, they're also busy worrying about what you're thinking about them!

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