10 Reminders You Need When You Feel Like Giving Up

"When you go through a hard period,
When everything seems to oppose you,
... When you feel you cannot even bear one more minute,
Because it is the time and place that the course will divert!" 

Life is hard, full of struggles and often we get this feeling like we can't keep going on, right then you have to remind yourself with the reminders below: 

1- This is not your first, and definitely not your last struggle, you overcame many before only for you to see that you're capable to overcome whatever life throw your way.

2- There's always a solution, don't lose hope! believe in this, no matter how long it's going to take eventually you'll sort things out somehow.

Notice your small achievements and make it a motivation to keep you going! Don't get frustrated, it's normal to fail before succeeding.

4- Everything is hard at first, but as you keep practicing it and trying, it'll become easy. If someone is doing it better than you, then maybe he had more practicing.

5- When you're facing a hard time you have the choice to let it strengthen you or to let it break you down. You can learn from it and get better, or you can settle for negativity and pain and let it destroy you.

6- it's never too late, never feel sorry or bad, if you made a mistake, get up again and ask yourself how can I be better?

Be positive, you may not succeed all the time, but that's the fun of it! you fail and you try again then you fail less each time, and that's the success.

8- You're not alone, no matter what are you going through, no matter how you feel, there are a lot of people out there going through the same situation as you! Some people are going through some even worse struggles.

9- It's not just what you've got for yourself, we struggle not just to come over it and be a better person, we struggle so we can tell people our experience and help someone else learn from it.

10- When you come over some kind of struggle, don't bother the thoughts of that incident every now and then. The past is to learn from our mistakes. At some point you should stop running from your past and face it, talk about it and understand why it happened to you. 

Get used to the discomfort, hold on... all those motivational sayings are easier said than done, that's because it takes more actions than words.

If you want to make your dreams a reality, you need to be patient, to be ready for the failure before you would know the success, to stay up the nights and to put in the effort, to break down and cry, then to get up stronger than ever. You need to be willing to feel the discomfort, to feel your heart beating hard and to be scared to death, yet you'll have to do it anyway. You need to be ready to get criticized, judged and doubted, yet you'll have to fight and believe even if that means to stand alone.

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