Get Off Your Butt: 9 Things To Keep In Mind To Keep Yourself Motivated

"When you think you're giving up
Just know, you might think you're dying but you won't
And you the feel the love, something out of you
But when you think of giving up, don't
I have broken wings
I keep trying, keep trying
No one get out
Oh I'm flying, oh I'm flying" Sia

1- When you decide to follow your passion you got to know that you may feel worse before you feel better and that’s totally alright everything starts hard and then becomes easy when you get more experienced and usual on it, so you got to be patient, keep faith and believe in your dream, keep your eyes on it and never care about the obstacles.Your comfort zone will be something from the past you got to go on challenges, risks; just know that it’s absolutely worth it!!

2- You may also feel like you’re giving up, there you should remind yourself with your why; why you wanted to go through this!

3- As long as we on this worldly life, you'll face a lot of challenges, problems and disappointments, unless you'll choose to see the good about it, then you won't have to worry about anything.

4- We can't predict the future and we're not supposed to figure it out, we're supposed to do our best, to take the chances that comes up and to step in the right direction! everything else will follow.

5- Enjoy your present moment, forget about how things are supposed to be because it will find its own way, stop worrying and be curious about what's up to come!

6- As it is important to plan for your future an take actions on your dreams, sometimes you just need to let things be, especially when you don't have much to do about it, because stressing and over thinking about it would only make you miserable, thinking is a great use of your mind as long as your thoughts would make you stronger and even more positive! 

7- When you face a hard time instead of worrying and stressing about it, try to feel the excitement of the challenge that you're going to experience and the amount of strength that you're about to get! 

8- No matter how you feel inside, don't get into a war with yourself, take it easy, go out and do better, choose better, you don't have to be happy, you just have to do what makes you happy, don't focus too much on feelings, rather on deeds! what you're doing that's what you have control over, not what the way you're feeling.

9- Be proud of who you are and what you’ve done and make it as a motivation to add more accomplishment and keep going!

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