Monday Motivation

Sometimes we want a lot of things, that we think it will bring us happiness if we have it, but you know what at some point you may realize that it isn't about things or people, it's about those things we made by ourselves and not the things we were given, it's that success you worked hard for, it's the effort you put in and now you're seeing its results, these things you would never ever think of exchanging it for something else, not money, not beauty, not anything you were obsessed with!

The success you worked for, it's just so enough, it can bring you enough satisfaction, money and beauty aren't what we need not even what will make us happy.

The more you understand the expert you become, all what you need to excel in whatever you want is understanding, then taking actions based on this understanding, never talk or react from a place of ignorance. There's a difference between experiencing and knowing, you won't understand until you try, don't ever be afraid of trying, always give it and give yourself a chance, make mistakes and learn. Ain't no regrets, but lessons learned, there's no failures, but experiences.

Don't be afraid to feel pain, the pain that life throw on you and that will make you stronger, and not the one you create with your own negativity and worries. Pain and difficulties should be a great motivation to keep going and to rise above it all. Face every challenge and problem with a smile, worry less because it won't solve the problem, but being positive will.

No matter how hard you got knocked down, you can get up again and not to settle for mistakes, you can learn without regrets, and start all over again, but wisely this time, whatever you're going through, it would only make you even stronger.

Dare to be special, it means that you're different from others, from the majority, people would reject anything different and unknown for them, so be prepared to get rejected, judged and criticized, but don't let it make you stop believing in your worth, don't let it make you doubting yourself, we're born special because we meant to do something special, 
"It's weird not to be weird."

So change your mindset, change your priorities, keep faith, believe in your dreams and work even harder no matter how long it's going to take, no matter how many times you'll get beaten, keep trying, you're getting there! W
e only fall to rise again

Believe in yourself, the bird don't get afraid sitting at the edge of the tree because he knows that what so ever he has wings to fly, believe in yourself that no matter what you're going through, you can take it, you're stronger than what you think.

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