Want To Be Loved? Stop Trying To Be Perfect

It seems that we're desperately in a constant search for the feeling of being loved and accepted, if not for who we are, then we try to be someone to be loved and accepted. We follow the rules and the standards society established, and we think that it's the only way for us to feel loved and accepted.

Apart from the fact that no one is perfect, perfection can't be loved at all, it can only be admired, and you certainly deserve true and unconditional love and the only thing that can be loved is imperfection, for our imperfections is what makes us special and unique. So why to bother about being perfect when all you want is true love? To have someone you love, liking your looks is good, but to have him loving you the way you are after knowing you well is even better.

It isn't about having a perfect face and a perfect body, it's about having someone who can see you beautiful, someone who thinks that you are the prettiest girl in the world with all your imperfections. Love does that, you don't need to be beautiful to be loved, but you need to be loved to be beautiful; and having someone who loves you, who sees you perfect, that will make you fall in love with yourself too.

If you want someone to love you truly, it wouldn't be by being discreet and trying to hide any flaw from them, you can't love someone you don't know anything about after all. No matter how ugly some side of you might seem to you, it can be the side he'll love most in you, it's what makes you special after all. 

I used to be discreet with my partner, never daring to tell him anything about me, what I fear, my secrets, what I was thinking about... because I was afraid he'll think less of me. while he was so open with me and I was falling hard with every single flaw I saw in him. In the end, he told me I was good, but he couldn't love me! Why I can't blame him! can I?

If you love someone who doesn't love you back, then probably you shouldn't force it, no one wants to be with someone who doesn't love them back. Don't tell me you can make him love you, or make him come to the realization that he does love you. Things doesn't go that way, true love comes by itself. Everything might be forced, but not love. The one who'll love you, won't love you for the things you do or for your looks or any of your qualities, rather he'll love you for your imperfection, for your uniqueness.

If someone didn't love you, you should know that it wasn't your fault, it just wasn't meant to be for the good, though, because there will be a true love for you just around the corner.

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