8 Habits You Need To Start Doing Today If You Want To Be A Winner

by - May 25, 2015

We all have big dreams, we see a brilliant future, but what matters the most is your short term plan, because what you're doing now, that's what's going to decide how your future will look like, we build our lives with our daily habits; so have another look on your dreams, then ask yourself does you habits look like that dream, are they going to lead you where you want!

so here's a list of habits that you need to start doing in order to get to your dreams:

1- The habit of working on your dreams every day: 

If you really want it, you'll find time for it even if you have a job or studies, surely you can find an hour every day to work on your dream. Your dreams can't achieve itself, it comes with practice and daily work.

2- The habit of gratitude: 

This means to love everything about your life and to start with loving everything about your day, even problems and mistakes, because that's an opportunity to learn the lesson and grow up even stronger and wiser! Love the person you've become with going through all the challenges you've overcome.

3- The habit of kindness: 

You have the right to get angry, but you don't have the right to be cruel, if you can't be kind, then keep quite! stop judging people, everyone deserves to be respected and accepted the way he is! This world is already full of rudeness and judgments, help more and be open to others because we only rise by lifting others, leave every person you meet a little happier!

4- The habit of helping others:

Some people, when you help them, they look down at you, seriously they take your kindness for weakness! Well it doesn't matter, you don't do it for them but for you, it may not make much sense but it's a life rule; what you give, you get back, you can ask those who had experiences with volunteering work and so, they'll tell you that the more they give people, the happier they become and the better their lives become.

5- The habit of accepting yourself: 

Stop judging and criticizing yourself as long as you won't do anything about it, let go of what you have no control over. Understand that what makes you worthy is your imperfections, that's what makes you special, it's stupid to believe society standards!

6- The habit of spending some time in nature: 

It's great to see the world, the one that God created because what we created, those houses and those buildings can never be compared to the beauty of nature! it's always calming and good for your health to be in it and to look at it, I can't remember a time when a building made me calm, it only gets me even more suffocated!! also staying in nature is so inspiring!

7- The habit of learning from your mistakes: 

We're here to learn and we can't learn without experiencing and making mistakes, and you're not supposed to not make any, you're supposed to learn the lesson and never make the same mistake twice.

8- the habit of revisiting the day: 

Before going to sleep, revisit how was your day, what you liked about it, and what you think you've wasted your time on, what you want to change... Then make a decision to remove those time wasters and change your habits.

it's about habits when you have great habits, then you'll become a great person, and when you're a great person, your life will turn to be great! 
habits are a set of patterns, you just need to repeat until they become more and more automatic.

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