Great Blog Resources To Help You Start Your Blog

Learn the rules and then play better. When you first start something, you have to learn about it, no matter how much you love it and you would like to explore it and do it your way, you still have to learn because you don't have to start from the zero, start where others had stopped and do better, below are some good blogging resources I learnt from to help you master blogging:


300 awesome free things: massive list free resources

blogging tools

16 sites that accept previously published writing 

Title ideas

portent content idea generator

hubspot's blog topic generator

Google trends

blog creative posts ideas

Share tool: Addthis


Blogging Tips

101 steps to becoming a better blogger

top 10 tips for new bloggers

dear bloggers terrify little bit 

what to do when starting a blog

32 ways to make your blog post go viral

99 ways to increase blog traffic 

20+ Awesome Pinterest Resources for Bloggers and Marketers

how I doubled adsense earnings

15 places to promote your blog posts

promoted pins on pinterest

how to make pinterest work for your blog

build your writing career

100 best websites for writers 2014

7 useful blogging tips i wish i knew earlier

9 things you should avoid as blogger 

21 blogging tips

ideal image sizes social media posts

39 Actionable Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Website

Use PicMonkey and Canva Together to Make Amazing Graphics!

6 Effective Ways To Make Your Content Easier To Read


10 bloggers reveal their best pinterest tips 

10 things not to do on Pinterest 

how to get 1000 blog subscribers in 30 days

increase blog traffic updating old posts

Best Facebook groups for bloggers

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