A Note To My Dear Self: 7 Things To Understand If You Want To Be Truly Happy

I know that you're so afraid of the future, I know that sometimes you get too much in drama because you can't just let go, this anger, this hate and this jealousy, I know that these feelings had been consuming you though you're doing much effort to let it go, I know that you're tired and that you're suffering much, though you know that it's all in your mind and that you're the one who's getting herself into this shit, you do know that you have control over it and that you can get out of this, but the fact that you have been trying so much and failing so much has made you even more afraid, afraid of trying another time and getting a heartbreak again!

1- If you want the change, then you need not to just remove these feelings of hate, anger and jealousy, but you need to bring something else in their place, because letting the place empty for them to get back, that's the reason why you're failing every time! Replace them with better feeling, start loving yourself and loving people.

2- Instead of being selfish, seeking happiness and getting closed on ourselves every day more and more, why not to stop being too focused on ourselves and to start to think of others, to be useful, honorable and compassionate, why not to make some difference in this world!

Instead of wanting the good only for yourself, why not to give it all to people! that would bring much more happiness than being selfish will.

3- when life gets tougher, you get stronger, and once you realize this, you won't complain anymore.

4- greedy people never get enough, they never get satisfied, they want what they're not willing to put into any effort, and they blame the whole universe for what they do themselves to themselves, don't be one of them. And don't hurt people just because they hurt you. If you're good, then do good.

5- Nothing should be taken for guaranteed, so don't be afraid to let go, because you only get better when you let go of what you have, you only become better when you let go of who you are.

6- If you want happiness, then you need to give up comparing yourself to others! Give up the idea of being like someone else! being like someone else, that takes from you your own value, because value is about being different, the more you're different the more value you have, but when you try to be like someone else, you'll lose that value!

7- What's happening around doesn't matter much compared to what's happening within you, it's a matter of attitude, you can make it easy and you can make it hard on you as well, the choice is yours.

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