87 Bucket List Idea: 87 Things To Do Before You Die

by - May 13, 2015

The point from making a bucket list is to push your limits, to do things out from your comfort zone and to challenge yourself. Make sure that what's in your list is going to push your limits. You don't have to do every single item you set on your list, and you don't have to write what's logical and sounds possible for you to do, don't limit yourself, below is a bucket list ideas to inspire you:

1- write a love letter
2- have a job that require traveling abroad
3- milk a cow
4- start going to the gym
5- live near to the sea
6- try every kind of Pringles
7- lie in the grass and watch the clouds
8- play mini golf
9- graduate my college
10- grow my hair to the floor
11- find out my blood type
12- donate blood
13- donate anything
14- learn how to sew
15- learn how to cook Italian pizza

16- give yoga a try
17- visit turkey
18- visit Italia
19- get a henna tattoo
20- watch a cirque
21- ride a camel
22- walk along train tracks
23- learn to use chopsticks
24- have a night swimming
25- watch the sunset on the beach
26- try on a wedding dress
27- go to museum
28- ride a double decker bus
29- be able to do 10 push-ups

30- learn to ride motors safely
31- play tennis
32- ride a jetski
33- ride a horse
34- learn to dive
35- attend a sport-event
36- plant a tree
37- sleep under stars
38- go for an early morning walk
39- jump off a waterfall
40- have a perfect relation with parents
41- release a paper lantern
42- make a birthday cake
43- watch the sunset with the person I love
44- learn how to tie a tie
45- fly first class
46- ride an elephant
47- go on a road trip with friends
48- climb a mountain

49- be really good with makeup
50- watch the sun rise on the beach
51- start running
52- witness a wedding proposal
53- try sushi
54- ride in a limo zine
55- Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
56- learn Russian
57- make a memory album
58- attend a masquerade ball
59- meet someone famous
60- Forgive the people who treated me poorly
61- Spend a year abroad
62- Be of service without expecting something in return
63- Drop a bad habit
64- Meet up with one of my heroes
65- Learn to dance

66- Be a good cooker
67- lose weight
68- regret nothing
69- drink more water
70- make new friends
71- own a website
72- feel loved
73- take a pic every day
74- be optimistic and positive
75- deep clean my room
76- feel more confident
77- have a summer job
78- be happy with my body
79- change someone’s life
80- say yes to everything for one day
81- start a diary and write everyday!!
82- learn how to walk in high heels
83- leave a note in a library book
84- start my own business
85- Become comfortable speaking in public
86- Love deeply (and mean it)
87- Learn to apologize

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