6 Ways To Wake Up Happy And Start Your Day Right

We had been told that happiness is a choice, as if someone would ever choose not to be happy! Yet it's true that some people choose not to be happy by settling for sadness and being negative most of the time. Some of us are stuck in jobs we hate, or in  toxic relationships that are making us miserable. Happiness takes more than a decision to be happy, it takes action and that's how it becomes a choice. You become happy when all you do is making you happy and when you refuse to do anything that might steal that happiness from you. 

It might sound odd how some people decide not to be happy, but somehow we enjoy being in pain, it sounds easier than putting in the effort and be happy, it always sounds easier to stay in that job that you hate or that toxic relationship, but in which you are comfortable, that to quit and find a job that you love or break up and give yourself a chance to find your true love. When you're feeling down, it sounds easier to stay in bed than to cheer up and let the sun shine on you. Below are some simple ways to start your day right:

1- Be grateful:

No one is living a perfect life, no one has everything. We always seek what we don't have, thinking that when we'll have that thing we'll feel complete and that feeling of completeness will make us happy. The truth is you'll never feel complete, there will always be something else missing. The best way to feel grateful is to look at those who are inferior, we're taking a lot of things for granted thinking that it's basic to have them, while others don't even wish for it. A lot of children out there are homeless, while you're fussing about new furniture, they don't even have a home. Those who have the money might be looking for the family or the friends you have. How many celebrities, people are looking up to, suicided because they're not happy! 

"I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet" this is a moral lesson you might have heard of it a lot, yet not many of us apply it in our lives, we are more likely to say "I cried because I had no shoes even though I know that some people have no feet". It's our natural tendency to look for those who have more than to those who have less. You still can change that if you take the time every now and then and feel grateful, after a while it ill turn into a habit.

2- Be a better you: 

While some grow up, others just age. We're far from perfect, the point isn't to be perfect, but to improve. So wake up every morning with the intention to be better than the day before. Hold no regrets, the mistakes that you've done are a prove that you've lived, until you repeat the same mistake twice. 

To be better, doesn't mean to compare yourself to others, but yourself to your old self. Comparison isn't fair, when you look at someone else, you're only seeing appearances, his body might look perfect and shaped from the outside, but he might have some disease or health problems, his partner might look like the perfect partner to be with, but he might not be happy with her and so on... We can't see the whole picture, we can't see what are people sacrificing for the life they have now! Whenever you're tempted to compare yourself to someone else, consider that you don't know the whole story, you're not seeing the whole picture, you're just seeing wat they wanted you to see, you might be far happier than they are with all what they have.

3- Give up complaining: 

It's always easier to sit down and complain about everything and anything as if a miracle might change things for you, or maybe the people who are listening might do something about it, but probably we do it because it gives us some satisfaction. But then ask yourself which is better to waste your time complaining about all the things that didn't go the way you like, or rather spend that time to change what can be changed and accept the rest?

Maturing is realizing how many things don't require your comment.

4- Help people:

We all want the most for ourselves, but we're doing it in the wrong way because the only way to have as much as possible for yourself is to give it away as much as you can. It sounds ironic, but that's how it works, no matter how much you buy, you'll never have enough, you'll always want more. Only when you start to give that'll feel a sens of completeness. You'll see that what you have is enough and that you don't need anything else to be happy.

Like muscles that grow when they work, like the brain that extends when it's used, money grows when you give it away to those who are in need. Now I couldn't believe this thing when people used to talk about it until I tried it myself and I'm asking you before rejecting this fact, look at those who are donating and helping poor people, did it make them less rich!

5- Socialize:
We live in a community because we need each other. Life is much better with a good company, one would go crazy if he was left to live isolated from anyone else.
A fact that even if we need people, that doesn’t imply that we need some particular people, anyone would do, so don’t attach yourself too much to those who hurt you, you can always find new friends! 

6- Move on: 

When something bad happens to you, don't get disappointed and don't be sad, you don't know the whole story, a lot of bad might happen only to bring the better, and a lot of good might happen only to bring the worse, for example you might marry someone you love which is a good thing, only to live a miserable life which is bad, and you might in another situation get fired from your job which is a bad thing, only to have a better job you wouldn't get have you stayed in your old one.

Easy to say, hard to explain and harder to apply, but you got to remind yourself every morning that you need to move on and let go of what's holding you back so you'll become happier, life goes on so change it or accept it. Let go because you don't realize the weight of something you've been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.

Always try to be positive and choose right, we don’t have to be problem-free to be happy, simply because problem-free doesn’t exist, and then happiness doesn’t require anything to be felt!

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