7 Important Things to Do When Life Is Not Going Your Way

Nothing worth having comes easy, for that, while working on your dreams, expect to struggle often. everyone struggles but some people stand out, others just give up, and that's what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Below are a few things to remind yourself with to not give up and to keep going:

1- Believe in yourself and keep hope: 

No matter how tough it will get, never doubt yourself, you're good and strong enough to handle it. It's quite normal to find it hard when you do something for the first thing, everything comes with practicing, no one is born successful, we become successful.

There's no strength that can conquer struggles like hope. When you have hope, you have all that you need to keep going on. So keep hope.

2- Be patient: 

Sometimes right when you feel that you're about to give up, there when it happens and you'll think how silly you were when you thought about giving up. Patience doesn't mean waiting, it means holding on and trying over again each time you fail.

3- Just give it time: 

Sometimes you can't control the way you feel, you might feel sad, afraid.. there, the best thing to do is to get busy working hard on your dreams that you'll have no more time to think about these negative emotions, moods comes and goes, let it go and do your best! 

4- Get enough motivation: 

As it's recommended that we shower every day, also motivation don't last long and we're always in need to some good vibes. We need this motivation to make the commitment to change and work harder, it's not about getting motivated as much as it's about making the commitment to work hard!

5- Don't focus on results, rather focus on improvement: 

If you want to improve, then you'll need to change often, change the way you do it, change your daily routine, always seek for something better, "we can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we create them".

Disappointments are inevitable in this life, the point isn't not to have any, but to learn how to accept it and start all over again, a better start though.

6- Give up negativity: 

Everything starts in your mind and your world is exactly how it looks like in your head, we make our own obstacles with all those negative thoughts, that story of failure we keep telling ourselves, we doubt ourselves, that doubt can kill dreams more than failure does.

Negative people might be the only people who are surrounding you, but that shouldn't demotivate you from improving and working to be every day a little bit better. Successful people do exist, at least I know that they exist on my social media accounts. Each time I read their thoughts and see their work and creativity, I can't help but feel encouraged to work even harder. You see somehow you still can choose the people to surround you.

7- Be grateful: 

Having a bad day doesn't mean that you have a bad life, your bad days are blessings if you can learn from it because the pain is what makes us grow and gives us wisdom.

You should know better than to complain, considering the good thing you have in your life that you're taking for granted and that others are living without, that the peace you're in while many are living in wars and constant dangers, the food you're eating while others are dying from famine and so on, and here you're complaining about something you don't actually need. So you might as well stop being ungrateful and start figuring out what you can do to change things around.

the beginning is always the hardest, but once you made a decision to stand out no matter what, then you're half the way!

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