15 Lessons I've Learned From My Relationship I wish I Knew Before

No matter how many relationships you've been through, there will always be a lot to learn, not just about relationships itself but also about yourself and your partner.
Below are some precious lessons I’ve learned from my relationship:

1- When we love, we hate our lovers at times when they do us bad or hurt us, but at the thought that we might lose them some day, we realize how much we love them. The fault isn’t in the way they act, we just can't seem to understand that everyone has his flaws, we expect them to always be good to us and to never make mistakes. They even promised us they won’t do us any harm! We should stop expecting them to be angels all the time and start accepting them the way they are.

2- In a relationship, if you want to fix something both of you needs to change otherwise nothing will change. Both of you need to compromise and sacrifice for the relationship to work out. A one-sided change won't do.

3- We’re different as human beings, everyone is unique, we have different needs, what your partner wants isn’t exactly what you want or need from him and that’s OK. You just have to communicate your needs, and don't expect him to know it without you telling him! 

4- Reading and learning about love isn’t a waste of time. Your own experience, sometimes, isn't enough. It's quite helpful to read about relationships, it's not just the advice, they're not about telling you what to do and what not to do. They're mostly going to help you understand yourself, your partner and your relationship better.

5- Being in a relationship may help you improve since you always want to be at your best to impress your partner. Therefore, relationships can be a great motivation to change for the best. but it still a work of two, while you change, your partner has to be supportive and especially patient and vice versa.

6- Sometimes people cheat, not because they found someone who is better than you, but just because they found themselves alone when they most needed you and wanted someone to hold on to them! But often, people cheat because they don't love truly just that simple.

7- You don’t have to make sex just so your partner won’t leave you. If he loves you he wouldn’t make you do anything you don’t want or force you to do anything against your wish. But if he did, then he isn't worth keeping and his love is fake, thus him leaving you would be the best thing to happen to you. You deserve true love.

8- Love is not something you know, it’s something you feel. It is raw emotions, and honestly, it can’t be defined. It can give you pain, happiness or even anger. But even the negative emotions are a part of loving. 

9- We're unique and different, the point isn't to find a copy of you, but to accept and respect your differences. Still, you'll have to have some things in common if the relationship will ever last. Because if you spend the whole time compromising and trying to meet halfway, when will you enjoy what you have in common, if you ever have?

10- We all express love in our own way. While you're expecting some words from your partner to tell you how much he loves you, he might prefer to show his love in deeds, that wouldn’t mean that he loves any less.

11- Love is not a cyclone that will come and change your whole life, marriage might, but not love. Love does not change you or your life, it just makes you realize that life is beautiful and makes you want to live for that one person, be everything to that person means the world to you.

12- You shouldn’t change who you are just to make someone love you. All you have to do is to be yourself and the right one will fall in love with you, you deserve true love, and a love that is based on appearances has nothing true about it. 

13- Love is like motivation, you can’t feel it all the time, and like the commitment is what matters in motivation, also the commitment to be kind and supportive towards your partner is what matters. Sometimes love alone isn’t enough, you can't feel it all the time.

14- I’ve learned that what you really need, is not someone by your side, but to have your own life. Even if it seems easier to get happy in a relationship, it’s not true, that’s not real life. If you’re not happy when you’re alone, you won’t be happy when you’re in a relationship.

15- I've learned that promises are something so powerful in a relationship, it can build hopes and dreams as it can also destroy them and destroy the trusting part of us when they're broken. As much as it feels good to hear promises, it feels even worse to be disappointed when those promises are broken.

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