10 Simple Tips To Become Highly Productive

A high level of productivity and performance is the key to your success. The good news is that productivity is a learnable skill that you can acquire through repetition. Below are some great simple tips you need to know in order to be highly productive:

1. Prepare for your work: 

Before setting to work, make sure that you have everything you need at hand. Clear off your working space so you can focus on the one task at hand, put the rest on the floor or on another table and make sure that the chair is comfortable enough.

2. Work all the time you work: 

If you want to manage your time effectively, you need to get to work early or at least on time and work hard while you’re there. Avoid, as much as possible, wasting time on conversations with coworkers or on drinking coffee and eating out. That is if you want to keep work at work and not have to take work with you home or stay late in the office.

3. Never stop learning : 

One of the main reasons people procrastinate when it comes to getting an important task done, is the feeling of inability and lack of confidence and this is due to not having enough skills to do the job. « if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse », always learn and upgrade your skills. Read books in your field, attend seminars and workshops, take online courses…

4. Put the pressure on yourself: 

Those who aren’t waiting for someone to push them and can work without supervision are the true leaders, they start earlier, work harder and stay later, they go the extra mile and do more than they are paid for. If you want success, you’ll need to raise the bar for yourself and be a role model in your field.

5. Overworking can be unproductive: 

Usually, productivity starts to decline after eight to nine hours of work, and although it might be necessary to work for long hours, you need to keep in mind that by doing this you’re producing less in more time. Working while you’re tired is likely to cause bad work quality and more mistakes. For that, you need to work at your own pace, invest in the hours you’re most focused and productive. A good night sleep can charge your energy and save you time wasted working while you’re tired, so make sure you get a good night sleep because sometimes this is the best use of your time.

6. Be your personal cheerleader: 

Although taking the first step is the most important part about getting something done, keeping the pace is the most difficult part. the best way to motivate yourself is to cultivate an optimistic view, this means that people and situations around you can’t affect how strong you believe in what you’re doing. Always look for the good in every situation, seek the lesson in every setback and look for the solution.

7. Develop a sense of urgency: 

One of the reasons that make people procrastinate, is waiting for the right moment to do whatever they need to do, they might be waiting to have the tools or the skills in order to get it done. While you might need to take the time to think, plan and set your priorities, you don’t need for the time to be « just right » for you to get something done. Highly productive people are action-oriented, they hurry to get their tasks done. The amount of work you get done will empower and energize you to get more done, you enter them into a mental state called « flow » that will enable you to maintain a continuous level of productivity and performance. It takes more energy to overcome inertia and get started than it takes to keep going.

8. Single handle every task: 

The key to a high level of performance and productivity is to start with your most important task and concentrate on it without diversion or distraction until it’s done. Concentrating on a task is proven to reduce the time required to get it done up to 50% because when you stop and pick up the task, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with where you were when you stopped and set again what you still have to do to get it done. This makes concentrating on a single task less time consuming and more effective.

9. Self-discipline is key: 

Whether you feel like it or not, making yourself doing what you should do when you should do it is the key to a high level of productivity and performance. The good news is that self-discipline is a learnable skill that you can acquire through repetition.

10. Be prepared to fail before getting it right: 

Your biggest enemy that you need to overcome isn’t lack of opportunities or ability, it’s the fear of failure. And the only way to overcome this fear is to do the very thing you’re fearing. Take the next step and everything else will follow.

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