55 Productivity Hacks That Really Works For Procrastinators

No one is perfect, no one is born productive, but we become productive by choice. 

Below is a list of 55 productivity hacks to boost you productivity instantly:

1- Treat time as money.

2- Do the easiest things first.

3- Set a daily routine.

4- Prioritize one item per day.

4- Eliminate low priority tasks.

5- No meetings unless they are decisive.

6- Better done than perfect.

7- If you can’t write it down, record it.

8- Work for a cause, not for applause.

9- Live life to express, not to impress.

10- Do more than what you’re told to do.

11- Try new things.

12- Make work into play.

13- Take breaks.

14- Work when others are resting.

15- Always be creating.

16- Make your own inspiration.

17- Love what you do, or leave!

18- Take a time out.

19- Do something new.

20- Be open to criticism.

21- Be a curious person.

22- Notice details.

23- Write down your ideas.

24- Hang out with other creative people.

25- Don’t give up!

26- Know the problem.

27- Say it’s simple.

28- Be calm.

29- Smile.

30- Use smart goals setting.

31- Schedule weekly reviews.

32- Create checklists.

33- Set a timer.

34- Eliminate all distractions.

35- Just start.

36- Everyone has a certain time of the day in which they’re more productive than others.

37- Keep a notebook and pen on hand all time.

38- Write a blog to chronicle your own personal development and achievements.

39- Plan out all of your meals a week ahead.

40- Write out a to-do list each day.

41- Get plenty of sleep.

42- Exercise.

43- Organize your office.

44- Outsource as much as possible.

45- Turn off the TV.

46- Focus on result-oriented activities.

47- Take shorter showers.

48- Learn keyboard shortcuts.

49- Batch similar tasks.

50- Work from home.

51- Learn to speed read.

52- Focus on the important, suppress the urgent.

53- Eliminate trivial decisions like what to wear.

54- Start ‘Idea dump book‘ for genius ideas you can’t work on now.

55- Plan your day the night before.

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