10 Ways to Boost Your Happiness Instantly

A lot of people make the mistake of setting conditions in order to be happy. They might say, when I’m in a relationship I’ll be happy, or when I get that job I’ll be happy… Happiness comes from within. No circumstances and no one is responsible for your happiness or misery. It’s your choice to stay positive or not. So if you’re looking for happiness, stop looking and be happy right now, with who you are and what you have.

Below is a list of secrets that happy people use in order to stay positive at all times:

1- Go to the beach or go out in nature: Nature has a calming effect that can soothe anyone.

2- Every now and then take something that you see everyday and try to see it in a different light: If your work is far from home, don’t complain about it, rather try to consider it as a chance to see other people, places…

3- Forget about the past and never worry about the future: There will always be time later to worry.

4- Forgive and fill your heart with love: Always forgive those who hurt you, not because they deserve it, but because you deserve to live in peace.

5- Stop comparing yourself with others: The quality of your life isn’t measured by how much you have or how popular you are, but rather, how much you helped and made a good difference in others lives.

6- Watch less news: Surely there’s war and crime, but what the news forget to mention, is that there is more good that’s been done or else we wouldn’t survive.

7- Remember to be grateful every now and then: If you want to feel rich, just count all the great things you have that money can’t buy!

8- If you awake every morning with the thought that something wonderful will happen in your life today, you’ll often find out that you’re right!

9- Smile: it's the best second thing you can do with your lips, it's magical how a smile can lift your mood up from nothing. It can brighten someone else's day as well.

10- Help someone: Helping others, not only does it make your problems look small, but also solves them. It doesn’t sound logical, but then our minds are limited and not everything sounds logical, yet it’s true. We’re energies when you help someone, you’re giving away good energy that multiplies and gets back to you.

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