6 Timeless Secrets To Lead A Happier Life

As much as happiness is a dear feeling, everyone is longing for, ironically it doesn't require much effort or pain. It can lay in the smallest and simplest details of our everyday life.

people out there are rushing to buy things, to fill an emptiness that never get filled, the more they buy, the emptier they feel and therefore, they'll look for something else to buy next, maybe then they'll feel more complete and they'll find the happiness they're longing for. But that's never going to happen, for only when you decide that you don't need anything else to be fully happy, that you can be happy.

We're knocking doors from the inside. Happiness is an inside job and below are some secrets to lead a happier life:

1- Gratitude:

Gratitude is an acknowledgment of the good things you have in your life, it hard to be grateful all the time, it's rather a challenge because we often get blinded by the bad things in our lives, not that all of them are true, no, most of them are imagined. It's not true that your life is missing and that you need that specific thing to be happy, after all, no life is perfect or complete. We don't aim to have a perfect life anyway, we rather aim to enjoy the good things about it and be happy and gratitude is your first step to enjoy these good things you have.

2- Helping people: 

I used to think that helping others is a waste of time and that I should rather invest my effort, time and money in myself instead, but then I found that the best thing I can ever do for myself is to help people. We rise by lifting others. When you give away, you're actually giving to yourself because we receive what we give, this is a fact and if you want to know the reasons, it's because when you make someone smile and change his life for the good, you actually start to feel your worth and the reason why you're born. You start to feel good about yourself and you feel happy just by making someone else happy.

3- Doing the things you love:

Happiness is moments of pleasure, and this pleasure can most be found in doing something you love. It'll be your refuge and a good thing to invest your time in, it can a certain hobby or a talent, like reading books, writing... Do more of those things as much as you can.

4- Your attitude:

Happy days won't come with a better luck, it actually comes with a better attitude! when you start to see every problem you're facing, every struggle, and every mistake as an opportunity to grow up stronger and wiser, that's happiness, that's what will make you a better person! and it's all about that gratitude you feel when you see the good in every situation.

5- Your thoughts: 

Your world looks exactly like the one you're imagining in your mind, that's why when you change your thoughts, you change your world. When you're positive you'll see positivity everywhere and when you're negative you'll see nothing but negativityfocus on the bright side, see the good about every situation.

6- The present moment: 

Forget about the past and the future, it's useless to think about it unless you want to learn from your mistakes or visualize how you want your future to be like! But even when you do so don't stay there too long, it's not somewhere you belong.

"Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others."

It's easier for us to lean on someone else to make you happy rather than making it by ourselves, we expect happiness from people, we expect our families, our friends, our partners to make us happy, and when we don't feel that happiness we blame them for the way we're feeling, . No one owes you anything, our happiness is our choice, it's our responsibility! Don't look around all that you need is right here, inside you, right now!

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