21-day Challenge Worth Trying

You can't go beyond your limits unless you challenge them, below is a 21-day challenge worth trying:

Day 1: Go somewhere you never been

Day 2: Pick up a new hobby

Day 3: Read a book

Day 4: Create an inspirational room

Day 5: Wake up early

Day 6: Start your life handbook

Day 7: Write a letter to your future self

Day 8: Quit a bad habit

Day 9: Add a good habit

Day 10: Start a blog about personal development

Day 1: Stop watching TV

Day 12: Share your story on a social media

Day 13: Create a video

Day 14: Take a picture

Day 15: Go out and have some fun

Day 16: Write down 10 things you like about yourself

Day 17: Write down things you want to change about yourself and figure out how to change it!

Day 18: Have a day with no complaining not even once

Day 19: Communicate with others

Day 20: Set goals for your life

Day 21: Make sure you did all the items on this list

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