20 Must-Do's If You Want to Live a Fulfilling Life

The best investment you can do is investing in yourself, for that with personal growth, come lots of advantages; life gets better, the quality of your relationships improves... You become more successful in life in general. The thing is there’s no magic pill that will make you a better person. Personal growth is a lifestyle, small habits and thoughts that added up will make a big difference.

Below are some things to do that will make you a better person.

1. Surround yourself with people that will lift you up: energies are contagious: You don’t have to follow someone who’s radiating lots of negativity just because they seem cool. Social media can actually be used as a motivation to work harder on your dream when you follow those with whom you share the same dreams, it'll help you and keep you going to do even better because you'll realize that as they had succeeded, so you can.

2. Mind your manners: You have the right to be angry. It’s a negative emotion, yet it’s a healthy one. Still, you don’t have the right to hurt someone else just because you’re angry. 

3. Don't wait for happiness: Don't wait for a vacation, a relationship, a job… to be happy. Happiness comes from the inside so it shouldn’t be conditioned. Let happiness be a by-product while you do the things you love. 

4. Change your attitude: When life isn’t going your way, stop for a minute and ask yourself, is it what it seems like or is it just in your head. If you want to see problems you’ll see it everywhere. Now if you want to see opportunities you’ll see it as well. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

5. Be fearless when it comes to life and careless when it comes to what people may think or say about you: We tend to think that the universe is turning around us. The truth is that it doesn’t and that everyone is so centered on himself. And while you might regret not taking action on what you had to do, you can’t be degraded by what others think about you.

6. Take others' judgments very lightly: You need to understand that everyone is free to do what so ever he wants, you have no right to judge people, and so they also have no right to judge you, that's why you need to take others' opinion very lightly. They don't know everything about you, they don't know what your journey is all about.

7. Do what you love: Dropping out of college or school to do what you love doesn’t make you a failure. There are too many successful people out there that have dropped out of their studies to do what they were really meant to do. 

8. Embrace the unknown: Uncertainty is uncomfortable, yet inevitable if you want to live your life. It’s okay to feel afraid when doing something for the first time, you don’t need to have the courage, all you need is to do it.

9. Take your own responsibility: This means that even though you didn’t choose your circumstances and that they might not be the best of circumstances, you still have a say over what you do about it. Someone who has been bullied can sit in a corner and weep or he can let that experience empower him to speak up and defend others who are bullied. Our life is actually 90% based on our choices so if you want a better life start by making better choices, don't let circumstances affect the way you live.

10. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake: Mistakes are inevitable unless you're doing nothing at all, so don't be afraid to make mistakes because no matter what the consequences are going to be, you'll be able to cope and fix things up and that's the fun of it.

11. Admit your mistakes: When you assume that your values are perfect, you’re actually avoiding responsibility and cutting off any chance to change and solve your problems. You’re avoiding responsibility. Because you can’t learn something you think you know and you can’t change or improve something you think is perfect. You won't learn the lesson as long as you're denying your mistakes. Admit your mistakes and take full responsibility, this is your only way to improve and make things better.

12. Focus on progress, rather than perfection: Don’t seek the “right” because there no right, we constantly find out that we were wrong about something. Rather seek to go from “wrong” to “less wrong”. That’s what personal growth is about.

13. Do something and the rest will follow: Action isn’t the result of motivation, it’s the cause of it. The truth is, once you get off the couch and do something that the inspiration will kick in and you become motivated to do more. The hard thing isn’t the motivation, but the first thing you do and that thing doesn’t require motivation to be done.

Doing something not only helps you overcome procrastinating but also makes failure unimportant and success becomes progress.

14. Give up a bad habit: If you're giving yourself excuses, then you don't want to give it up in the first place. Consider the damage the habit is doing to your life. Don't just think about the momentary pleasure, consider the long-run too; the regret and the consequences. Life is short, but not as short as you think it is, at least you can see that you're now living some consequences of your bad habits.

15. Start a good habit: If you're giving up a bad habit, replace it with a good one, because that bad habit used to take some space in your day and your life and leaving that space empty is a temptation to go back to your old habit or have another bad one in its place, that's why you got to find a good replacement before giving up a bad habit.

When you want to stick to some good habit, try to list the benefit of that habit and keep it in front of you. That can be a great motivation to keep on it. Good habits might look hard and painful, but on the long run, it'll make your life better and it'll make you feel good about yourself.

16. Learn how to manage your stress: It's okay to feel stressed out, we all do every now and then. Stress is inevitable. The goal isn't to have no stressful moments, but to learn how to manage your stress and live your life even when you're going through those stressful moments. We're bound to face problems every now and then, but that can't be a good enough reason to complain about your life and stop enjoying it. Everyone has his own way to deal with stress and only you can figure out what works best for you.

17. Expect less from people: So that you won’t get disappointed, because when you drop all expectations about how people, things should be you make sure you won’t get disappointed. Trade your expectation for appreciation.

Let go when you have to: Letting go doesn't mean giving up. It’s being willing to recognize that enough is enough and have faith that the new path you’re about to take will lead to something wonderful.

18. Put others first every now and then, help and give much: We only rise by lifting others, when you help. Nothing can make you feel your importance and the value you're adding to the world like helping others and making a difference in their lives.

19. Be grateful: It's one of your main roads to happiness. If you're tempted to start complaining about something, try to imagine what's worse, imagine those who don't have money to eat, let alone to buy the clothes you wanted even though you don't really need it.

20. Forgive: Not because they deserve it, but because you do. You deserve to live in peace and to stop giving those who hurt you a place in your mind. The first step to move on with someone’s life when they’re hurt is to forgive. Only then they can forget and move on.

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