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15 Powerful Lessons I've Learned From Life I Wish I Had Known Before

I found out that the more I learn, the better I understand life and see how simple it can be. But I didn't learn until I paid attention to everything that came into my way because lessons are around us and within us, you just have to open your heart. For that something can't be seen only through the heart. Below are some lessons I've learned I wish I had learned before:

1- When you're angry, spitting out harsh words, won't make you feel any better, not on the long run anyway, because you'll end up regretting it. When you feel down, don't let it get the best of you and get yourself busy getting things done.You'll feel better eventually.

2- You have no right to expect anything from people because no one owes you anything at the first place. If you want something, you have to get yourself. Expectations can only leave you disappointed. Anyway, it feels great to know that you're able to do it all yourself, so why to deprive yourself of such delightful feeling.

3- For anything you want to do, you don't need the convenient conditions to do it, it's not true that for doing a great work you'll need silence or a coffee or so, if you focus on work, you'll forget all about your surroundings, but when you focus on the noises around you, you not just won't be able to control the distractions but you'll never concentrate on your work either.

4- When you want to learn something, you got to take the first steps first, these simple tasks, no matter how dull and easy they might seem to be, it's not a waste of time, it's what you need to learn in order to learn what you came for. When you want to learn cooking, it's okay to start with cleaning the dishes and cutting vegetables.

5- ""I’m bored" is a useless thing to say! We live in a great and a vast world that you’ve seen none percent of, and even in your mind it’s endless. Being the fact that you’re alive is amazing, so don’t get to be bored."

6- It’s not just about spending the time as much as it’s about investing in it, you are days, what’s gone from it take a piece of you with it. We all have the 24 hours but what makes the difference is the use of it.

7- We all are looking for happiness, but we're looking in the wrong places. Happiness is found in giving love, in having some strong relationships. We're meant to socialize, even though some of the relations can go wrong, most of them will go right. Don't let the wrong blind you from enjoying the right ones.

8- One of the main reasons for sadness is seeing your past better than your present. Don’t let it be, always do better, and be better until you're no more interrested in your past!

9- Your job has to be something you’re totally passionate about, something you would love to do for the rest of your life. And if it doesn’t look like this, then you’re wasting your life.

10- Reading a book is dropping yourself into a world that somebody else’s mind had created for you to escape into. We read because one life isn’t enough! Reading is not just the best thing in the world, no! it's an another world.

11- When you start comparing yourself to others, you loose the person you are, because your value is all about being different from others. Yyou are important, you have a role in this life, it's to make a difference, so go and make that difference. When you wake up in the morning and you feel like there's no use for you to wake up, that you have nothing to do that important, remind yourself that you're important. What you do matters, and your existence makes a difference that's why you have to wake up and keep on doing your role.

12- You cannot know more about another person than you can know about yourself and the more you get to know yourself, the better you will understand others.

13- It doesn't matter the money you make, but how you use it to make the world a better place! Spending money would only make me sadder, it never made me any happier. But spending money to help others did make me happy. You'll forget the times you smiled, but not the times you made someone else smile, and that's what would make your days count. Eventually, making others happy, would make you happy as well.

14- You shouldn't let your happiness or your life depend on someone else. You're a grown up enough to handle your moods and if you can't then you'll learn how, but as long as you're depending on others to cheer you up, you'll never learn how to cope with your own moods.

15- When you give it to your desires and let them control you, thinking that it'll shut them down after satisfying them, then you're thinking wrong, maybe be for the short-term yeah, it'll shut them down a bit only to get more intense the next round, because what you feed will grow. Only when you ignore them that they'll shut down for real. It's not true that we have to satisfy every desire in us, you can always control yourself when you have to.

Even though I know that I'm young and bold, I also know that I won't be wise until I experience. Nothing is wrong with being wrong, the only wrong thing is stubbornness and refusing to learn from your mistakes.

We live wondering, then trying to find out answers to the questions we wonder upon, that's life, the more you swear you found what you're looking for, the more you feel like you're merely at the beginning of your journey of seeking answers.

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