15 Powerful Lessons I've Learned From Life I Wish I Had Known Before

I found out that the more I learn, the better I understand life and see how simple it can be. But I didn't learn until I paid attention to everything that came into my way because lessons are around us, you just have to open your heart. Below are some lessons I've learned I wish I had learned before:

1. Your real wealth is how joyful you are and how much joy you gave people.

2. Life is too short to waste it hating or arguing with someone else.

3. Your life is your doing, so take charge of your happiness. Don’t wait for someone or something to make you happy.

4. Nothing can make you joyful like the feeling of love. You don’t need a motivation to love, you can look at anyone or anything lovingly and feel joyful.

5. The best way to cure insecurities is by being conscious of our mortality. Keeping in mind that your body isn’t mortal, that it isn’t yours and you won’t take it with you, will help you feel less insecure about it.

6. We’re only suffering because of our memories (past) and imagination (future) and we’re living in neither of them. Live in the now and stay focused.

7. Doing something willingly makes a world of difference. Nothing can make you feel angry or frustrated. So make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it willingly.

8. The privileges of making you feel happy, angry, sad,.. don’t give them to someone else. Keep them to yourself.

9. Earning a living shouldn’t be your highest pride. Every creature on this earth is earning a living, even worms and insects. The goal isn’t to earn a living, but to make a difference.

10. The main cause of misery is the belief that life isn’t happening the way you want. Just ask yourself, which is easier, to change the world, or to change your thoughts?

11. Have perceptions, visions, but no expectations. No expectations widen your possibilities.

12. The secret to a joyful life is to ask yourself every morning “Shall I be joyful or miserable today?”. It’s your choice, you can go about your day with joyfully, or you can make yourself miserable.

13. You might not know what you can achieve, but you can always be a wonderful person. Identify the main three qualities you want in yourself and start practicing them.

14. There’s no right person. But if you put your heart into something, it becomes a wonderful thing.

15. Before getting into a relationship, make sure you feel whole and ready to give. The one who has lots of needs and is looking for someone to fulfill those needs is like a beggar, and the beggar is going to accept whatever comes his way.

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