10 Tips To Give A Great Presentation

Scientists said that the fear number1 is public speaking, the number 2 is death!! yet mastering the art of public speaking is a key to the other skills in our daily lives, it gives a huge confidence and ability to express yourself freely, it boost your positive attitude and gets more open to others reactions and critics, below are some tips to help you give a great presentation, at work or studies or any kind of presentation:

1- It’s a matter of practicing: when you get used on doing it, you’ll get much more comfortable and confident, it’ll become something you don’t need to think about how to do it.
2- Love what you’re doing, that feels much better.
3- Make it simple and clear, it’s not about how much information to present, it’s about a message you want to express.
4- Do your best, fall in love with your work, be proud of it, and be proud to present it to people.
5- Make it fun, have examples and visuals (videos, pictures, statistics..) and move around.
6- The day you’re going to give that presentation, don’t think about it too much, otherwise you’re going to stress and get blocked, what you had practiced before is already enough.
7- Don’t focus too much on the audience, they may seem to be uncaring, but you should not expect to please everyone there, rather focus on your message. The presentation isn’t really something scary if you just put your focus on your message!
8- Eat dark chocolate, that help to remove stress.
9- Breathe well and slow dowwwwn.
10- Fake being strong and confident, have that smile, and everything else will follow! fake it till you make it!
In the end, doing it though being shy, afraid, that’s the true success. 
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