7 Important Things You Need To Do To Achieve Greatness

"Every day, do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow." 

The road to greatness is only reachable by those tiny choices and steps you take every day, below are some ideas to inspire you to achieve greatness:

1- Keep a journal, not just to reread your thoughts, but to remind yourself of all those lessons you've learned and those decisions you took and dreams you dreamed but eventually forgot. We have to learn from the past so that we won't make the same mistake twice because "Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It."

2- Make a list: Lists get you to accomplish more, when you put what you want to do in front of you, you'll do more of it. Whether it was a shopping list, chores list, or even goals list. Especially when it comes to your dreams, don't be afraid to dream big, and don't try to consider whether that dream is realistic enough to put it down on that list or not. No matter how far your dream seems to be right now. Write it down. You don't get to judge your dreams. You just write them down. Make the list as long as you can and reread it every now and then, each time you'll see that you're even closer to some goals and you'll figure out ways to accomplish more, take the decisions and turn them into actions.

3- Live your life with what you have right now. Don't live waiting for something to happen, you should live meanwhile, life is what happen when you're busy making plans.

4- Stop running with the crowd and start walking your own path. Don't let others make you forget who you are and who you want to be, hold on to what matters and keep reminding yourself. Forgetting is an inevitable trait in us, both a curse and a blessing, a blessing when it comes to sadness and hurt if you only let it take over and heal your soul without you reminding it of your sorrows every now and then, and a curse when it comes to all those precious lessons you've learned throughout life and all the good decisions you took at a time to change and be better. Therefore you should remind yourself of what you want to remember and leave behind what you want to forget.

5- We all want to feel accepted, but you shouldn't believe that you must have everyone's acceptance. You don't have to attain everyone's approval to find yourself. You find yourself, what you want to be and what you love to do, then you show yourself off to public. Instinctively, people reject anything different from them, now you should understand that their rejection has nothing to do with you, but with them and how limited they are, often people hate others because of jealousy as they feel a sense of inferiority. But most of all, being rejected shouldn't make you doubt yourself, you're not being worng for being yourself, and it shouldn't get you upset, it's normal for some people to react that way and reject you, you can't change their reaction and you can't make them accept you, now can you!

6- Let your mantra be: It doesn't matter how you feel, just do what you have to do, do what's right because you see you can't always go depending on your mood, we have to work, but you won't always feel like working, but sometimes you got to do anyway, we don't do the things we do just when we feel like it. You won't be always cheering up, We go through ups and downs and it's okay, it's okay to feel sad, to feel stressed out and nervous, it's okay to grieve, feel whatever you need to feel, but don't let it be an excuse to not do what you need to do.

7- Have faith: many of us had known people who once tried committing a suicide and who are now blessed with good lives, good careers or good relationships. I myself had known a girl who tried to commit a suicide by taking pills just because the one she loved didn't love her back and was seeing her as only a friend, that happens to be my boyfriend, but anyway seeing her today happy and in love with such great man who's loving her and cherishing her just the way any girl would dream of. One shouldn't lose hope no matter who taught life is right now, it will change, nothing will ever stay the same, the world around us is changing so we will, for the best hopefully.

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