It's Time To Start Living

We only grow up from hard times and we learn from mistakes. And we fall only to rise again above it all!

When you don't like anything change it, if you can't change it, get away for a bit, forget about it, let it go and accept things as they are, since you can't change it, it's useless to stress about it.

Let it be, don't worry, get curious and let it be, can you imagine a sort of help worrying did for you before! it only make it worse, do your best, choose right each time and let it go- never worry this life is only a journey and you're here to enjoy the ride.

Sometimes being annoyed isn't about what you're doing, sometimes it's about what you're feeling, when you're balanced deep inside, you'll feel entertained from nothing, but when it's the opposite then nothing in this world can make you feel entertained! 

Nothing is ever really as it seems, and nothing really worth it! we're just over-reacting, overthinking...

Your competition isn't with people, it's with yourself, you need to work hard, even if you don't feel like you're in mood to, you shouldn't settle for negativity, even when it seems much easier and comfortable right now to stay there. Start every day better than the day before, always do better, be better.

Dream big, set goals and work for it no matter how unreal they may seem, If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.

It doesn't matter what others are thinking of you, but how you see yourself that's what matters! you're good enough and you're capable!!

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