6 Actions To Take Today To Be Happy And Successful

Anyone can be happy right now, right here, happiness has no conditions. You don't need that job to be happy or that relationship to be happy. Happiness is within you and it's foolish to keep looking outside for something you already have within you. Below are some actions you can take to be happy and successful:

1. Remove the negativity

Your worst enemy that is keeping you from success and happiness is your negative emotions and thoughts. It holds you down, tires you out and takes away every joy you have in life. The first step you need to take in the path to happiness and success is to free yourself from this negativity and keep it at bay. This negativity, usually, manifests in fear, jealousy, thinking less of oneself, victimizing oneself… by being aware of them and avoiding getting in that pattern, you start freeing yourself from this negativity and making a place for something positive to come in.

2. Take control of your life 

Where you are and who you are right now, is the result of the choices and decisions you made or failed to make. Taking control of your life helps you feel more confident and powerful. Only then can you change your life.

You start taking control of your life when you accept responsibility for your own life. This means that no one is to be blamed for anything that happened in your life and that no one owes you anything.

3. Shape your reality with your thoughts 

Everything in the man-made world had started off as a thought in someone’s head before it was translated into a reality. They say « You become what you think about – most of the time », successful people are the ones who spend most of their time thinking about what they want and how to get it. The clearer your thoughts about what you want, the faster you’ll get it.

4. Set some goals

By setting goals for yourself, you get a sense of direction, a meaning and a purpose to your life. And as you move toward those goals, you become happier and more confident in yourself and in your abilities. Goal-setting helps you, also, overcome worrying about the future, by allowing you to control the direction of change in your life and deciding for yourself what your life is going to be years from now. Even thinking about your goals can make you happy.

5. Make sure it’s what you truly want

“Be sure that, as you scramble up the ladder of success, it is leaning against the right building.” - Stephen Covey

Many people work hard to achieve their goals, only to find out that it wasn’t what they really wanted, it wasn’t aligned with their values in life and so find little satisfaction from their accomplishments. So make sure that your goals are well aligned with your inner values. Some people might not be the richest or the most successful, but they’re happy because they’re living in harmony with their inner values, and this is what matters most.

How do you know your values?

Your actions are almost always reflecting your inner values. When you have to choose between two behavior, you’ll choose accordingly to your values at that moment starting with the most important ones. 

“Tell me what gives a person his greatest feeling of importance, and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life.” - Dale Carnegie

6. Always see yourself as self-employed no matter who signs your paychecks

Successful people view the company they work for as if it was their own, they take responsibility and are always doing more than they’re paid for. This extra work and this strong work drive will definitely pay off in no time. They end up being promoted faster and paid more than the average workers.

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