6 Actions To Take Today To Be Happy And Successful

by - April 19, 2015

Success isn't the way to happiness, you succeed while you're happy. Happiness is to let go of desires and ego. You let go of desires when you feel satisfied with what you have and when you feel like you don't need anything else to be happy. You let go of ego when you let go of selfishness and be open to people, to help and lift them up without asking for what's for you in it, right then you can find happiness and contentment.

If you want to be happy, then be! right now, right here, happiness has no conditions. You don't need that job to be happy, you don't need that relationship to be happy. Happiness is within you and it's foolish to keep looking for something you already have within you outside, it's like knocking doors from the outside. Below are some actions you can take to be happy and successful:

1- Sadness doesn’t mean you’re weak, but it doesn’t solve the problem too! 

At some time, it's okay to grieve, when you lose someone you love, when you break up, when you lose a job... it's okay to feel sad. One should feel whatever he needs to feel. We all go through life cycle "no-thing, thing, no-thing", everything that starts has to come to an end and ends are nothing but beginnings in disguise. When a relationship comes to an end, a new one will take a place, but if you get trapped in your sadness, you're then not allowing life to go on, you're blocking its cycle. Time will heal, but while healing you should stop touching your fresh wounds. Move on to something else, if you want to forget, you got to do something else, get yourself busy. Many found relief in helping others and volunteering in charity works. By helping, you don't only get to learn about others suffering what's even bigger than your problem, thus your pain eases, but you also will feel good about yourself, since you'll sense the difference you make in someone else's life, you'll feel confident and worth more than settling for pain and your life will start to have a meaningful purpose.

2- Smile as often as you can and as much as you can: 

I've learned that a smile can do much more than you can ever imagine, by smiling you attract people to you, no one likes to be around a frown. When you attract positive people with your smile, you start to feel better. Sometimes we have to be "actors". Even if you don't feel like it, by forcing a smile, you decide that you want to change something, you refuse to settle for sadness and pain thus, you're body will follow and you'll cheer up.

3- Make peace with your past: 

The past can have some good memories we would love to cherish, but it also can have some bad memories that keeps haunting us and makes us want to forget and run away from that past. It's easy to say "just forget about it", unfortunately, we don't have a key to press that will erase all that pain. You might be able to move a bad event from your short-term memory by keeping a distance from anything that might remind you of it, thus you won't remember it every now and then. But as long as it is in your long-term memory, it'll somehow and subconsciously effect your life, not until you make peace with that past. Regress back to that event and try to understand it better. Being younger, you certainly don't understand things as well as you do now being a grown-up. If it was someone who hurt you, you might have taken it personally and blamed yourself, thought less of yourself while it was simply because of who that person was. By understanding it better, you now can decide that what happened has nothing to do with you and that you shouldn't think of yourself any less, and right then moving on is possible.

4- Never care about what others thinks

How many times did you hear this! Yet, have you come to apply it in your life? Most people don't, it's not that easy anyway. We live in a community, we need each other, one would go insane if he was left alone for so long. Thus, we need to feel like we belong to some place, and mostly to some people, we want to feel accepted that's why we look for others' approval. There's almost nothing wrong with that except that you don't have to be like the ones around you. No matter what you're doing, you won't be alone, there's always people like you somewhere out there. If you couldn't find them in your real life, you can certainly find them on social media. Out there many share the same dreams as yours. You can then feel accepted, feel normal and feel free to do what you love and others' opinion won't matter anymore.

5- Let go of the fear of failure: 

Many give up on their dreams because they fear failure, they can't take another disappointment, they can take the pain of seeing their dreams shattered in front of their eyes. Because when you fail, you don't just lose a dream, failure takes also your life with it, the life you've been fantasizing about for so long that it became a reality in your mind. When your project fails, you don't just lose the project, but you also lose that car and that house you dreamt about. The thing is that when we start to work on a dream, we're driven by the thrill of the success to come, we weren't ready for the pain of trying and failing. When others succeed, they don't tell us about the times they tried and fail, they don't tell us about the nights they stayed up, no one wants to hear that. Life teaches us that, unfortunately, one can't expect success from the first try. After all, it's a matter of how bad you want it!

6- Focus on your present moment: 

One can't live at a given moment without having problems. Problem-free life, no matter how good it sounds, isn't real. Yet, people can't stop obsessing about their problems and trying hard to solve them. We often think that others don't have the much problems we have, but the truth is, they do. It's just that some people cope with them better than others do. If you ever felt happy and life can't get any more perfect, then you probably just forgot for a minute about your problems and lived up the moment. At some times a lot of problems cease to matter when we compare them to the blessings we have in our lives. After a long, tiring and stressful day at work, when you come home and your child comes and hugs you, right then anything else ceases to matter, just that simple, and as simple as that, you can also forget anything that might stress you, after doing your best, and enjoy your life.

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