30 Question Challenge That Will Make You Rethink Your Life

Life is happening right now, so make the best of your days. Below is a challenge to take for a month of some questions that will make you rethink your life:

Day 1: What I've learned today!
Day 2: If I could have a talent, what would it be?
Day 3: What do I wish left unsaid?
Day 4: What makes me happy?
Day 5: Name 10 things I like about myself, can I have more?
Day 6: Name 10 things I hate about myself, how can I change it?
Day 7: Am I living the life I want to live?
Day 8: Who is that person in my life that I can’t live without?
Day 9: When was the last time I went to a place I’ve never been before?
Day 10: What waste my time the most, how can I change it?

Day 11: What do I fear the most? Is it a real danger or it’s just my mind?
Day 12: Did I work hard on my dreams? do I deserve the rest?
Day 13: If I want to send a letter for my future self, what would it be?
Day 14: What are my excuses to not work for my dreams? Are they real?
Day 15: Five ways to win my heart!
Day 16: How do I hope my future will be like?
Day 17: What do I miss in my life?
Day 18: What I’m worrying about currently? Do I really need to worry about it? Can I do something about it?
Day 19: What’s the quote I’m trying to live by?

Day 20: Where do I want to spend the rest of my life?
Day 21: What are my goals this year?
Day 22: What I’m most grateful for?
Day 23: What bad habit I want to stop doing?
Day 24: What good habit I want to start?
Day 25: What was my latest accomplishment?
Day 26: What’s the things that I can’t live without? Is it true?
Day 27: What are the top 10 places that I would love to visit?
Day 28: What makes me mad? Is it a reason to get mad?
Day 29: What’s the hardest thing I’m dealing with?
Day 30: What’s my life purpose?

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