A Wake Up Call

Life is hard and it’s hard for everyone, but being able to stand out, that’s what makes a difference.
The life may choose for you what happen but you’re the one who’s going to choose what to do about it, how you’re going to act, and what attitude you’re going to take. They say life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react.
You’ll find it easier to make excuses and to stay in your comfort zone but you got to know that if you want to make it happen you got to take your full responsibility of your life, because it’s up to you to make a difference and change your life. the power is in your hand and that’s all what you really need, change it and never look back.
They may tell you that you’re not good enough that you can’t make it be cool with this and make your vision bigger than those voices that trying to hold you back, believe in your dreams and be patient with it, see the success before it happens and live with it!
You don’t have to be perfect the only thing you have to, is to do what you’re supposed to do! and you’re supposed to live your dreams, you’re supposed to work hard, that’s what you need to judge yourself for, because it’s up to you to take actions and control your life, it’s not the appearance that need a surgery, it’s your mind, and you got to understand that the value of the human being is within their minds, have a beautiful mind and you’ll have a beautiful life!
You can always make excuses "I’m not good enough for this, I’m going to wait for the conditions to be perfect before I do this" give up excuses they’re nothing but lies!

Just because it burns, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to die

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