9 Little Things To Do To Become A Different You

We're looking for things that are within us, we're looking for happiness in every single corner, but we forget that it's within us, we're knocking doors from the inside!

1- Control your thoughts:

Because The words you speak become the house you live in and what you think you believe, practice having strong thoughts, let go of negativity, because it has nothing to do with your circumstances, it starts in your mind! and your world is exactly how it looks like in your mind.

2- Understand that happiness is a choice:

No one owes you happiness, you owe it to yourself, this happiness won't come with money, fame.. it comes with a decision to see the good about everything and to make the best of every situation.

Happiness, love and all the feelings comes from our inside to show up! so how can circumstances bring it! how can the outside bring it, you only get happy when you decide to be, you don’t need any circumstances!

3- Look for opportunities to help people:

We are all connected if you help another one you’re helping yourself if you hurt them you’re hurting yourself! We rise by lifting others! only when you help, you'll feel your value, the value you meant to add to the world, there you'll know that you're important.

4- Focus on yourself:

Spend your time improving yourself that you'll have no time left to criticize others.

5- Don't compare yourself to others: 

It's silly to say about and actor or a singer perfect and wish you were him, no one is flawless and just because he has some talent and worked on it doesn't make him perfect and doesn't make you less than him, we all have our own talents. The worse is to think that that famous person is actually living a perfect, happy life! Well, how many actors and singers had actually committed suicide or had been depressed and addicted to drugs and alcohol? Would they do such things if they were happy? I don't think so. Image is powerful, yet, it is fake and happiness had never been related to fame or money at the opposite you can find happiness in the small and simple details or your daily life.

6- Surround yourself with positivity:

Negative people might be the only people who are surrounding you, but that shouldn't demotivate you from improving and graving for being every day a little bit better, because successful people do exist, at least I know that they exist on my social media feeds, and each time I read their thoughts and see their work and creativity, I can't help but feel the encouraged to work even harder. You see somehow you still can choose the people to surround you.

7- Laugh at your own mistakes:

Let go, life goes on, we're here to learn and we can't learn unless we make mistakes!

8- Give up complaining: 

Do something about it, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. No one owes you anything, your life is your responsibility! stop blaming people for the life you're living or the way you're feeling. Each time you’re tempted to feel ungrateful and bad about your life, remember that what you have is already much more than what you’re missing! just count your blessings and you’ll turn to be the richest in a while!

9- If someone hurts you, don't take it personally:

Leave toxic people behind. It's not about you, it's about them, it's about their insecurities.
Being happy doesn't mean to be so all the time, it means to be strong enough to face any hard time and get over it without getting into too much drama and depression, it's to know whenever tough time calls, that it will pass, teaching you some great lessons and that you'll find hope again, it's being strong enough to bring out your own joy without needing anything or anyone to do so. 

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