16 Regrets You Don’t Want To Have In Life

by - April 23, 2015

The last thing you want to live with is the regret of not doing something, for that it's better to look back and say I can't believe I did that, than to say I wish I did it. Below are 16 regrets you don't want to have in life:

1- Not taking actions on your dreams.
2- Waiting for the perfect time.
3- Not appreciating your health.
4- Not helping others enough.
5- Giving up before you reach success.
6- Not spending enough time with positive people.
7- Not seeing the world and all its glory when you’re young and healthy.
8- Worrying too much and appreciating too little.
9- Not learning from your mistakes.
10- Not planning for your future.
11- Not taking responsibility for your own life.
12- Not doing what you should have done.
13- Caring too much about what other people think.
14- Not accomplishing enough.
15- Arguing with the loved ones all the time.
16- Feeling sad all the time.

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