10 Ways To Find The Job Of Your Dreams

We're different, while you won't take less than making your dream come true, others are settling for working for others to help them build their dreams, and it's okay, not everyone is meant to dream, and not everyone is to believe in that dream, below are some simple yet effective ways to help you find the job of your dreams:

1- Map up your current career path.
2- Find a friend in the same situation: Surround yourself with inspiring people.
3- Go on a solo trip: Exploring the world and traveling, open your mind and help you find your purpose, what you would love to spend the rest of your life doing.
4- Write down what you want in life: write down goals then turn them into actions and start now!
5- Create a fictional mentor.
6- Help people: Helping others creates opportunities, and these opportunities is exactly what you need to find the job of your dreams. 
7- Make a list of your skills.
8- Make a list of what you want to learn.
9- Attend events.
10- Decide when to work for free: money won't always matter, sometimes you'll need to work more than money.

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