To Break Up Is One Thing, To Have Your Ex Gone Is Totally Another Thing

Even though he should be gone long before now from your life, breakup never feels real as much as it does when your ex is gone for real. No matter how much you’ll convince yourself that you were never meant for each other, that you’re better off without him, that you deserve better… After grieving, it will only last the good memories, the good and sweet moments you had shared. And it hurts not to be able to forget that one or get over him because you only have good memories from him, he won’t be there to remind you why you broke up in the first place, you’ll forget all the bad and never be able to remember it.

Now I won’t be bothered with all his demands, I won’t get jealous over him anymore, I won’t get angry because can’t keep a word and it hurts so much not to be able to do all of that anymore! Even though you broke up, you still stay friends and enjoy the company, no there would be no more company.

As if the past months you spent grieving over your breakup were not enough and now you have to grieve all over again, except this time, you won’t be angry, you won’t grieve for the bad and hurt he had done to you, but for the lost, for someone you loved truly and with whom you lived your best moments.

And then imagining if we’re still together, what would it feel to have him gone that way, I think I should be grateful.

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