6 Easy Steps To Breaking Bad Habits

We are all willing to be a better person with a much happier life and so we all want to feel in control of ourselves and of our lives, anything that might effect that control will be a threat to us. Yet, unconsciously we're letting other things to get control of us and of our lives starting with our bad habits, it might feel good to lose yourself for a bit and give it to that habit for some pleasure, but that pleasure is always a short-term one, sometimes for mere seconds if you had been on that habit for a while and it will probably leave you feeling guilty. Below are some easy steps to help you give up your bad habit:

1- Understand why you can't give it up:

Life is hard and we hate this feeling of discomfort that life makes us feel, which make any pleasure we can find seem like a refuge. Pleasure is good, it's what we aim for, but pleasure doesn't only exist in bad habits, maybe for the short-term yeah, but on the long-term good habit are the best, even if it sounds hard, it gives a true satisfaction and high self-esteem later.

We decide for ourselves what habits to keep, and if you can't give up a bad one, then probably you should consider that you're not truly convinced of the need to get rid of it in the first place. You can't blame yourself, because as long as you have pleasure in doing it, it will represent something good to you. Well maybe you should start considering the consequences because it's not true that life is short, you're constantly living the consequences of our past choices and it will get worse if you won't stop these habits.

2- Link these habits with the bad:

junk food, smoking, drugs... it feels good, it actually never hurts you or breaks your heart, it's always there for you when no one is... Is that how you see it! you're giving it a beautiful image that would make giving those habits up out of the question since it's good. How could you stop doing something good! Well maybe you should be more realistic and stop lying to yourself, it might feel good right away, but it won't feel good later, and it's definitely bad and you know it.

So first you got to give those habits its true image, link the bad with it, like it makes you lose control of yourself, it slaves you, so it's bad, it affects your health, it wastes your time and money, it makes you feel worse after that with all those disappointments and regrets...

Only when you consider it as a bad thing that you'll be able to give it up.

3- Except failure every now and then:

You only can call it a success, when you practice enough. Even when you make the decision to give up a bad habit and you're really convinced of the necessity of doing so, you might fail every now and then. It doesn't mean that you can't do it, it only means that you're still practicing. You have to know this so you won't get discouraged and go back to your old habits.

You can as well consider the failure as a chance to change your ways and try a better way.

4- Find a replacement:

Your time is your different habits when you stop one of them, it'll leave an empty space in your time. Before some other bad habits take the place, you have to decide for yourself which good habit you need to start doing instead.

A major reason why people fail in giving up a bad habit is not giving the replacement, they leave the space empty and then if they didn't start another bad habit, they'll go back to their old one.

Start doing something you love, read good books and stories, start a volunteering work...

5- Be patient:

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, you see it's not just a matter of a decision to stop a habit or start one, it takes time and effort. We human being seem to be impatient, always looking for the short ways to do things. Sometimes there are no shortcuts for the places that are worth getting to, you need to expect to put in the effort when you're about to give up a bad habit and start a new good one.

6- You're worth more than being a slave to your bad habits:

You won't feel grateful for your life and see the necessity of making the most of it until you look at someone who has less than you yet he's making more than you out of his life. Let's see the disabled people.

Why the disabled? because they can teach you something valuable, even though they have some kind of disability, a lot of them succeeded and made a lot of achievements that we, who are in a good health couldn't make. They're full of life and joy, they wake up in the morning willing to get out of bed and start their day, live up for their purpose and add a value to the world, something I, the one in a good health didn't believe in. I didn't believe in my ability to make the world a better place. 

When you imagine being disabled, you imagine sadness and misery, you can't imagine any joy in your life, but when you see those disabled saying that they're so grateful and happy, I can't help it but feel ashamed of myself. I felt ashamed for the times I complained about my life or refused to get out of bed because I thought that it will make no difference. I felt ashamed for the days I let pass by without helping someone or doing something that can make the world a better place. 

Life is too short to waste it on your bad habits, you deserve better than that!

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