Moving On After A Break-Up

The hardest thing about heartbreaks, isn't the sadness you'll feel, nor the emptiness you'll sense, it's rather the hope you'll lose, that you may someday fall in love with the right one.

Sometimes we don't fear losing someone as much as we fear that a beautiful thing won't happen twice, we fear that we won't meet someone like him let alone better than him, we fear that we won't love again the way we loved him, let alone more than we loved him!

Faith is real, but faith is hard. It's hard to believe in something that didn't happen yet!

I was sad with my ex, more like miserable, but I couldn't let go. What if I wouldn't love again, what if I wouldn't find someone better than him. He wasn't that special after all, but it's love, love can make him special in my eyes, no matter how he was!

It broke my heart the thought of being with him all this time without him loving me, with me living in a big lie, a lie he told me when we first met, and I lived hoping that the person I met will come back. I thought wrong.It took me three years to understand that I'm better off without him, that he wasn't my one and that we weren't meant for each other.

To break up with someone you love might sound dramatic, but knowing that you've made the right thing would ease it. And day after day, you'll move on, but a different person. Make sure you take every good from your relationship, my Ex was such a kind, warm-hearted person, each time I act kind, I smile knowing that it's something beautiful he graved in me, those people who come into your life, only to leave it a little brighter and leave you a better person, those are the ones you should be grateful for.

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