What Does Being Growing Up Really Mean!

Being a growing up isn't a matter of age, below are some true meanings of being growing up:

1- It means to stop blaming the world:

This world doesn't owe you anything, it was here first, in fact, you owe it, you owe it to leave it a better place, to add a value, be grateful for what you have and make your dreams happen, it's much easier to do it yourself.
Having no one to lean on, can be actually a blessing, because only when you're alone that you'll have no choice but to do it by yourself.
Learning and knowing how to do it all for yourself actually frees you so that you'll never need anyone's help, don't live on others, take your own responsibility.
Getting help from others might sound easy and comfortable, but that's just what it seems to be like and not what it really is.

2- It means to be happy:

You're in charge of the thoughts you think and the way you feel, locking yourself in drama isn't mature, whenever you feel sad, you still can trade it with excitement, it's your choice to move on or to stay sad.

3- It means to step out of your comfort zone and push your limits:

Fall in love with discomfort, because only then you can say that you're living and not merely existing, dare to explore and experience new things, it's the best way we have to learn and to grow up.

4- It means to live up the moment:

Your past can only teach you to be a better person, and the future isn't supposed to be figured out, so take things as it is and enjoy every moment, see the good about everything. And whenever life tries to put you down, find thousands of reasons to smile and to enjoy your moment.

5- It means to get out of your insecurities:

And to start treating people like how you should, not how you feel like it, being angry doesn't mean that you have the right to blow it on others. If you being yourself means that you'll be rude with those you hate, then please do a favor and don't be yourself, it's okay to fake it sometimes.
Breaking limits is great, every step you take out of your comfort is a great thing, but limits are there for a reason, when it comes to others, don't cross those limits.
What you feed, is what will grow, when you feed your desires and insecurities, it'll grow, if you'll ignore it, it'll shut down, you choose, yourself can't be out of your control, everything you do, you allowed it.

6- It means to stop judging and start encouraging instead:

We earn nothing by judging others, but we earn a lot by encouraging others. Even those who sound to be heartless because they don't show their feelings, they indeed have feelings, it doesn't matter their reaction always be kind and don't cross the limits because often people get hurt but don't show it off.

7- It means to not wish you were someone else's: 

Life is unfair! but no life is something we create, our life is our choices, you have the power to change your life, right when you change yourself, and you have the power to do what you want to do, or you can spend your time whining and complaining about why things don't happen by itself...
Watching others, should be only to get inspired, anyway, images are fake, don't believe it, on one is having a perfect life, we all have insecurities, problems, the only difference between people is the way they deal with their problems, while some let the small stuff in their lives get the best of them, others just let go and move on to something else, focus on the positive and enjoy the moment.
I myself freak out from the idea of being someone else, because that will mean that I won't be with my babe, and honestly, I love him so much to exchange him for the world, and so I have many other things that I won't think of exchanging it for anything, so whenever you're tempted to wish you were someone else try to think of these special things you have and you don't want to waste it, you'll love your life for it!

8- It means to keep your morality high, so that when someone hurts you in any kind of way, you won't even react over it!

It hurts so much to be hurt by some people, yet you can't react over it, not exactly because you can't, but just because you shouldn't and you wouldn't, you know that you shouldn't talk rudely with people, and if someone is being rude, that doesn't mean to be like him. 

I've been bullied at college, I've been called things that I can't even understand how it has anything to do with me, it was nothing but lies and bulls, just because they were jealous for some reason, I got into depression after depression, yet I did never reacted over it, I was hurt, I've cried for so long, yet I didn't give up going to college, and I had succeeded better than all of them.

Revenge is massive success, I won't speak, but I'll let my success shut you all down.

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