6 Truths You Should Know About Taking Your Own Responsibility

Take responsibility for yourself.., because no one's going to take responsibility for you. -Tyra Banks

Dad had been always trying to teach me how to be responsible for my own self, I didn't listen, I thought that he was uncaring, I thought that it was his job to help me to do whatever I'm asking for. Other teenagers who were my age, their parents would drop them and pick them up from school, while I had to take my transportation by myself and so on.. I was wrong by thinking that way, because only when I gave up complaining and started to do my own things by myself that I knew how amazing it feels to be able to do it all by yourself and never need anyone's help, I felt strong and free and then I was willing to do more.

1- Doing something by yourself is an opportunity indeed, while others are complaining because life is hard and they have to do everything by themselves, no one is helping, and while others are envying those who got everything so easily, you should be grateful for having the chance to do it by yourself, it's a privilege, to be able to stand for yourself, to be independent, to be strong to work out no matter what life is going to throw in front of you.

2- True strength isn't in the physic, it's in being independent, it's in being able to stand for yourself, and do it all by yourself, and this includes being happy. Because if your happiness depends on others action, you might rethink about what happiness means.

3- Once you take your responsibility, you'll be happier, you won't have to stress over the future because you know that no matter what is going to happen, you can handle it and work it out.

4- Doing what doesn't make you feel comfortable, might be painful, but the fact that you'll get even stronger each time you step out of your comfort zone, makes it worth all the pain, indeed everything you do out of that comfort zone is an accomplishment.

5- What will make you change and do whatever you've been wishing for, is believing that you're strong enough, when you take your own responsibility, because you know that you're strong enough to do it all to yourself by yourself, then, you won't wait for anyone to make you happy, or to give you anything, whatever you want or you need you'll get by yourself.

6- You want a listener, don't look outside, the best listener you can ever have, is you! when you feel like you need to talk to someone, write it down, you won't find someone's better than you to keep your secrets and understand the way you feel, you can't find someone's better than you to give advice, you know it better whatever situation you're in, so once you write it down, you can get your thoughts together and think about a solution.

Don't settle for being always depending on others, go and learn how to do it by yourself..

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