11 Essential Tips for First-Time Travellers

Home is nowhere and everywhere! we live in big, vast world that we've seen none of it and we meant to explore it as much as we can. Traveling, might I add, is a great investment because it will get you to be more excited about life, and it will get your mind to be more open. Below are some great tips for first-time travellers:

1- When you're headed to hot places, make sure you have a big hat, sunglasses and a sunscreen on! don't hold yourself from staying out in the sun, but make sure you're well protected!!

2- Don't take pyjamas with you! you're not traveling to stay inside!! so you won't need any homy outfits, you're there to go outside and to explore! 

3- Don't care too much about where you're going to settle down, it doesn't matter the house, or the hotel room you're settling down in! you're only there to sleep the night! 

4- Collect experiencing rather than buying things! you don't need to buy more than souvenirs! 

5- Make sure you take your own pictures,  learn more about photography and enjoy taking your own pictures!

6- Take pictures of you in places, not only you, or only places.

7- You don't need books, since we live in a digital world, you can read from your phone or your tablet!  

8- Don't pack too much and buy what you miss on the road! 

9- Keep yourself safe, don't go alone too far, and try to not go outside on the night! 

10- Travel with mates, it's more fun.

11- It's not about the place, it's about your attitude and what you're going to do in that place, don't expect a place to entertain you, but learn how to entertain yourself by yourself no matter what was the place you're heading to. 

I know that whenever I'm going out, I'll be having fun, because I'll be exploring a new place and try new things there and take some wonderful pictures.

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