A Note To My Dear Soulmate

Before I knew you, I felt as though I had been spending all of my life wandering around in a big house with empty rooms. When we met, it was like opening a door and finding someone home.

You never ceased to inspire me to change and move forward, with your endless kindness and gentleness. You taught me how to love not only you, but myself, my life and people. I can’t help myself by wonder how someone can sacrifice and help people this much, you taught me how to help and stop being mean and selfish.
You provided me with not only love, but a companionship too. I came finally to open to someone and with whom I shared my dreams and my aspirations. You understood me like no one else, you understood me better than myself.
You're my home, you're the only place that I feel like I belong to, even when I'm with my family and friends I would feel like a stranger, but I would feel safe and comfortable whenever you're around. I would tell you everything about me knowing that you won't judge me or misunderstand me because you understand me more than I do understand myself.

When I’m with you I feel most complete. As if I was born again. And then I wonder how come I lived all those years without you in my life. Now that I knew this happiness and felt this contentment, I can’t bear the thought of missing you, it aches my heart to be away from you.

I love you and I'm so proud to love you because you're such a great person, you're so beautiful, you're so kind, you're everything I've ever wished for! Though no one is flawless, I honestly couldn't find any flaw in you, you're so special! I love everything about you. 

Guys out there would only make me miss you and see how much I want you, you, and only you. They have anything on you. If only you could see yourself through my eyes and see how perfect you are to me.

Though I hurt you a lot, and I can’t promise that I won’t hurt you anymore, I can only promise that I wouldn’t mean any bad, you were always endlessly forgiving. When I see how easy for you to forgive me, I feel most your love.

You didn't give up on me, despite the fact that I fail you everyday, you saw me at my worse and you loved me.

You've always treated me like a princess! When you love me, there’s no girl prettier or happier than me, when you love me I own the world, when you love me, I got no fear, no sadness, no worries, only hope, and joy.

I know that our relationship isn't the greatest but if I'm going to see the positive things about it: the love, the great person you are, the loving words and deeds between us, what would I need more than this! When you're with me everything ceases to matter and you become the center of my world.

I'm not the best, nor the prettiest, nor the smartest, but I promise that I'll love you with my all. I just want to make sure that your smile will never fade away eve. That's how deep my love runs for you…

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