12 Epic Self-Improvement Tips That Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

by - June 06, 2015

Life isn’t fair, even though if we were taught, since we were children, that it is fair. That no matter what happens, there will always be a happy ending, and if it’s not a happy ending, then it’s not the end yet. But that’s not real life. Life is pain, but then what you see is what you get; if you viewed your life with an optimistic attitude, you might find ways to be always happy or at least not severely depressed when you need to feel sad about a certain event. So, in that spirit of motivation, here are some tips to help you change your attitude about life thus change your life for the better:

1- Dare to have your own life and to live on your own expectations, even if people didn't like it. If you really believe in it, then don't change it for them, not even for you closest ones! because no one knows what your journey is all about!

2- Make mistakes. To start with, this is a right for you to make mistakes. You might be dread the consequences, but you should keep in mind that no matter what is going to happen, you'll be able to sort things out. However, you should pick up the right mistakes, you can't for example, get into a relationship with someone you know he'll be toxic to you and call it a mistake, that's rather a stupidity. 

3- There’s no shame in feeling like escaping reality and creating exits. A good book or good music to shut the world down for a while isn’t a sort of running away. It’s a choice to be in peace even for a while, and you deserve some every now and then. Life, after all, is a bunch of problems, and unless you create your own escapes, life will drown you into its rashness.

4- Your dreams are worthy, don't give up on them. We feel like giving up most when we lack motivation, so keep yourself motivated. There's no ideal way or trick to keep up the motivation, you'll have to try a lot of ways and see what works best with you.

5- Looks doesn’t matter, nor does marriage, money or success, what matters after all is happiness. If you’re happy, then life is perfect, if you’re not, then you’ll keep wondering what’s missing and you’ll keep questioning your life. So don’t make your goal to have something, but make it to be happy, right now, with what you have.

6- Problems can get too overwhelming. It can steal your happiness unless you decide otherwise, and that’s when you start to view problems as something that has nothing to do with your happiness. We’re bound to face problems every single day, some of these problems are minor they pass by unnoticed, like for example things that get broken around the house and need fixing, such things shouldn’t be viewed as problems at all, and so many others. Just remember that there will always be enough time to worry, but never enough time to be happy.

7- Standards are good, but they don’t define you. It’s quite normal for any society to set up standards upon which one can decide how hard is he working. It’s good to try and meet those standards, it’s like a motivation to be better, but don’t beat yourself about it, for they don’t mean a thing. No one out there is entitled to judge you and you’re more than your achievements or appearances.

8- Knowledge of yourself is enlightenment. Seek knowledge no matter how old you are and no matter how much you think you know. Read books, they’re the best teacher.

9- You never lose until you quit trying. They say if you want to do something all you need is passion; if you love it and want it bad enough, then you’ll find your way to do it no matter how hard it is. Better yet you’ll be enjoying it, so make sure you do what you love, and when you’re thinking about giving up, consider that you might not be too fond of that dream in the first place.

10- Step out of yourself and be in the service of others. We always look for what’s in it for us, we’re constantly trying to have the most. Ironically, happiness works the other way around; meaning, you only get happy when you give away something or when you help someone. This might not be too shocking because it’s quite common that when for example shopaholics buy something, they only feel the thrill momentarily and then they buy more and more but the result is the same; they’re left empty and sad. The same thing with helping someone else, imagine the feeling you feel when you get helped versus the feeling you feel when you help someone else. Which is the best? It’s this satisfaction that you helped someone, that you don’t actually need the things you gave away, those are what boost your self-esteem remarkably like nothing else and that’s will make you a lot happier.

11- “What Would You Love To DO?” every now and then ask yourself that question, not your momentary desires but your dreams, where you see yourself a few years from now! Because that’s where you need to start to achieve your highest dreams.

12- Be aware of overgeneralization. For example when you do something bad, that doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, you’re a good person who’s bound to make mistakes every now and then which is different, for when you consider yourself bad, you tend to feel severely depressed, to damn yourself for the things you’ve done and you’re least likely to try to fix things up and do something about it.

Even when struggling and going through a hard time, remind yourself that your life is happening right now, wait no more for anything to pass over. Live now, because now is all you’ve got and all you need. You may not be living the best of your life, you might be going through exams, a stressing assignment at work… but even so, live up every moment you’ve got. Life isn’t getting any easier, there’s no problem-free, peaceful life, and it doesn’t have to be any of that. Enjoying yourself is about yourself, not life and circumstances.

Be grateful for having a life, because a lot out there don’t have one, a lot out there are sick and waiting for their death to take them away and stop their pain. A lot out there are living in hospitals and jails. A lot out there are living in war. While you still have battles to fight, these people have absolutely nothing left for them, so be grateful for the life you have no matter how hard you think it is.

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