To My Dear Self

I don't want you to get lost, and settle down waiting for someone else to save you, I know that it's easy for you to be saved than to stand for yourself and do it, yeah it might be easier, but everything has its cost, if you're going to settle for someone else to save you, you'll be dependent on others, and you won't be able to do it by yourself, you can't guarantee that they're going to be always there for you, what if they walked away! but when you take the action and save yourself, you'll learn how to do it, you'll become every time much better at doing it, and you'll get even stronger to face what's even harder!

You can't just run away each time you're facing a challenge or a problem, it isn't about not having any, but it's about overcoming them! so never run away from anything, keep your head up and know that your life is your own responsibility, no one owes you anything, what you want, you have to make it by yourself!

I want you to take the full responsibility of your own life, I don't want you to wait for others' approval; you're worthy, you're good enough to stand for yourself and to reach your dreams.

I want you to let go the fear of the future, I want you to enjoy your present, stop worrying about what you have no control over! there's a huge amount of freedom you feel when you let go of what you can't control and the only way to predict your future is by creating it.

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