29 Tips For Bloggers, From Bloggers I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Blogging

Biggest risk? Hmmm, that would be investing time on something without knowing whether it will work out or not. For example, in the first year of my blogging, I invested so much time in Twelveskip without getting that much in return. It’s like I was working full-time for free. I kept telling myself to have fun and be passionate because I believed one day all these would pay off. I spent most of my time learning, experimenting, networking and creating content. I was inspired by those people who started from nothing (like Michelle Phan) and became really successful because they are passionate about what they do. If they can do it, why can’t I, right?
Now I’ve been happy with the level of engagement I’ve got. I love how I actually make a living from blogging. It took me a year and a half to figure all out but I never felt like it’s work. I’ve loved every bit of it.
-Pauline Cabrera

There isn't really a magical recipe to succeed in blogging, Its' going to take from you patience and constancy, it's about learning the rules and playing better, there's no lack, there's only hard work, you need to believe in yourself, and to believe in that value that you have to give to the world, don't focus on profits, build your audience first, feel free to express yourself and do what you love, don't compare yourself to others, you might be at your beginning and they're at their middle, and even so beginnings are different! learn from them if you want but never compare, your blog is going to be a reflection of who you are, and since we are different don't try to be like someone else! just do it the way you love to do it! be yourself, and right people will fall in love with you, no one can please all the people out there, so don't make it a priority, don't care about how long it's going to take until it goes viral, keep working, your efforts aren't in vain!

These are some tips that had worked with me, and I hope it helps you too:

1- Share your posts, on Pinterest and stumble upon, reddit..

2- Share others content as well.

3- Use a high-quality photos.

4- Make the titles attractive and make sure that they're SEO friendly, use Traffic Travis

5- Put the important information in bold.

6- Don't focus on creating traffic, rather focus on creating an audience.

7- Always reply on readers' comments.

8- Comment on other blogs from your niche at least twice a day.

9- Guest post on blogs in your niche at least twice a month.

10- Create a longer content, it's worthier to be shared.

11- Create a  post to solve a problem, you can inspire from your own problems.

12- Tell a story, it's always interesting to hear a story.

13- Share what you've learned.

14- Share on scoop.it and blogher.com.

15- Look for problems and topics in comments on other blog on your niche.

16- Update your posts from time to time.

17- Don't measure stats too early. It's normal that your blog will take some time before it goes viral, be patient.

18- Make your content easy to share.

19- Don't write too little or too much and use short sentence! keep it simple!

20- Focus on quality rather than quantity.

21- Provide a value to your readers.

22- Write something from your heart, something you're passionate about.

23- Create a list of posts ideas.

24- Write about everything that interest you and give pieces of advice from your own experience.

25- Lower your expectations at your beginning.

26- Use hashtags for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but never with Pinterest.

27- Never stop updating, make sure that you're giving out a good quality.

28- Nothing works, unless you work, also for blogging, the more you work on it, the more it will pay back.

29- Don't write about anything and everything, just write something from your heart!

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