Top 8 Things Everyone Needs To Know In Life

1- Don't forget to live:

In the rush of life, some people forget to live! as I walk everyday to work, I would only see angry people rushing to there jobs, people who are exhausted right from the beginning of their days, waiting for the day to end and go back homes! what would it hurt if you only slowed down, walked a little, enjoyed the sun and the fresh morning air, smiled to each other and dwell on happy thoughts! life is happening now, and not after work or when you get home, or when you're in a vacation...

2- Happiness is an inside job: 

You may think that you need to accomplish something, or to own something to feel satisfied, but this is not true, it's not about doing or owning, it's about being grateful and feeling satisfied without doing or owning, it's an inside job that has nothing to do with what's happening outside, happiness should be in your mind, not in objects.

Happiness is within us, so things and people can never bring you any true happiness, the only thing that can is you, when you feel your value and how your existence makes a difference in this world, then you'll find true happiness, only when you help people.

3- Complaining is useless:

Suggest a solution instead. No one owes you anything, what you want, you have to do it by yourself, indeed standing for yourself is a privilege since it means that you're capable, that you're independent. I wonder what people are complaining about, their circumstances or the fact that they're not capable of providing for themselves!

4- Hope is key:

Hope can be actually all that we need. We only feel excited to live and to give out our best when we're full of hope. We only hope when we believe, when I believe in my dream, I work hard and I enjoy it, knowing that there's a hope that I will succeed!

Nothing feels worse than having to let go of dream because you thought that it's far away from reality, but you should keep faith that things are possible, they can find a way.

5- It's not about money or places, it's about having a good company in this life: 

It's not really about traveling and seeing the world, it's about having a good company that's what gives meaning to your journey, to your life, so take good care of your company, know the people you really want to keep in your life, and avoid those who stress you! be with those who bring the best of you.

6- Your attitude, your thoughts become your actions: 

Because your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind, what you're constantly thinking about will manifest on the outside, and your actions define your life so make sure that your attitude and your thoughts are positive and powerful that it will bring you the life you want to live. Give up negativity, you are far too smart to be the only thing that stands in your way.

7-Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give:

8- What worries you masters you.

Nothing really is at it seems, we see things, not as they are, but as we are. Once you decide that whatever is worrying you doesn't worth it, then it won't worry you any more.

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